Warrior I: Clear Body Clear Mind

A four week program to jump start your physical and mental health- Clear your body and clear your mind in 30 days.

This anxiety you're feeling...I've totally been there. The constant stream of thoughts and inability to focus on the task at hand are affecting your productivity at work and in your life.

How about your relationships? Is it hard to focus on simple conversations? Are you forgetting everything you just talked about?

Your head feels "cloudy," and you are constantly fidgeting in your seat. You scurry around trying to organize your life but none of that helps you feel more organized.

And how about all the weird crazy physical symptoms? The sweats, the shortness of breath, the dry mouth, the frequent "colds"...those just bring on more anxiety and now it's a vicious cycle. Your body has turned up the volume as if to say "no more."

You are wondering why this is happening and where it all came from. You wonder, will this ever go away, or is this just who I am? You think about different ways to make it stop, and question whether you're the only one. You may ask yourself, am I going crazy?

I know where you are right now. I was there once too. I swore I had Googled everything I needed to know about food as medicine (or so I thought). I read books and followed random diets that were the latest craze.  I subscribed to blogs and forums. I tried everything under the sun and still kept getting sick and feeling tired.

On top of it, my anxiety was off the charts.  I couldn't make it through even ONE hour without having a panic attack. My brain was so foggy I could barely focus on brushing my teeth. I was forgetful. I was distracted. I got sick every two months. I needed to clear my body and mind of all the junk, and I had to start somewhere.

I sought help from a holistic practitioner and started on the inside: the gut.

If your anxiety and physical symptoms are affecting your job, your life, and your relationships, it's time to take action.

How does the gut have anything to do with the mind? How could cleaning out my intestines possibly help me with my anxiety (and sometimes even depression)?

Come to find out years later, everything begins with the gut.

After three weeks of dietary adjustments, I felt like a whole new person. The mind chatter slowed. My anxiety settled down. I was able to think more clearly and focus on a conversation (who knew that was possible?).

But I needed guidance.  No amount of Google-ing or reading random books could point me  in the direction I needed to go for ME.

Every body is different. Everyone has unique needs when it comes to food and nutrition.

Imagine what it would be like to feel:

  • Greater mental clarity
  • More focus/less distraction
  • Empowered about your health and your mindset
  • Confident
  • Calm
  • Healthy
  • Invigorated to show up for your day

It's simple: Clear the body, clear the mind.

Let's get you the jump start you need so you can start showing up for your job, your relationships, and your life. What are you putting in your body? Together we will transform your kitchen, your body, and your mind in the next four weeks so you can get focused, empowered, and dammit just feel good for once.

Welcome to Warrior I: Clear Body Clear Mind

Warrior I.jpg

What you will get:

  • Four one hour coaching calls with me
  • Unlimited email and Facebook Messaging support throughout our time together
  • Personalized dietary plan specifically formulated for what your body needs
  • Assignments with accountability
  • Charts for healthy grocery shopping and label reading
  • All the tools I have personally created and used throughout my healing journey
  • The knowledge you will need for life to maintain a healthy body and mind
  • A JUMP START on my 90 Day Warrior II program! (Click here for more info on this transformational program.)

Awesome Bonuses:

  • 60 minute Skype session kitchen makeover- You show me what you've got, I'll help you transform your cupboard (value: $150)
  • Lifetime access to my private Facebook group where you can ask health questions, start discussions, meet like-minded people just like you, and get the latest updates on my programs and free giveaways (value: priceless)

What we will cover during our time together:

  • Everything you need to know about clean eating.
  • What YOUR body needs so you can clear out the junk.
  • Nutrient absorption- What you've gotta have to get your nutrition needs met.
  • Superfoods- What they are and when to use them.
  • Supplements- What would benefit you most.
  • Cleansing- What's safe, what's not, and how to
  • The culprits- What NOT to eat
  • Skype Session Kitchen Makeover- How to replace the not-so-good food with healthier options (optional)

This program is for you if: You've been suffering from "brain fog" and lack of focus. You are ready to get healthy in body and mind. You have researched clean eating but need guidance and direction. You are absolutely ready to take the first major step in transforming your life.

 This program will jump start your health, your mind, and your life. Clear your body and clear your mind with clean eating, awesome resources, and a coach who's got your back for the next 30 days.

It is my mission on this earth to help you become the powerful being you were born to be. I am honored to guide and support you on your journey to a healthy and happy YOU. Let's get you clear, focused, and energized. LET'S DO THIS WARRIOR WOMAN!

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  Holistic Lifestyle Coaching for women who want more -- Overcome your anxiety and step into your true inner power

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching for women who want more--Overcome your anxiety and step into your true inner power