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In recent months my husband and I have softly begun to search for new places to live. Needless to say, we have been finding the experience increasingly difficult over time and have become disenchanted with the whole process.


To top it off, not only has the process become frustrating, but our current living situation just adds to the sour taste (which is the reason we are looking to move in the first place).


Our current townhome is lovely on the inside. Built in 2008 everything is relatively new, including carpet and faux hardwood flooring. The paint is a soft cream color, very esthetically pleasing. The furnace, water heater and other appliances all function properly and we have made the place pretty darn cozy.


Then there’s the outside, and I have two words to describe it: LOUD and FRUSTRATING.


For one, the dumpster is directly behind our unit, which is convenient until the garbage and recycling trucks come four times per week at minimum, mostly at the wee hours of the morning which sounds like an earthquake right outside the backdoor when our eyes have just barely opened for the day.


Secondly, we have a beautiful end unit, which sits right on the main street of our complex where two big speed bumps reside. I think it goes without saying that every single time a car or truck drives by, the level of noise is comparable to the garbage trucks mentioned above. And as if that’s not enough, to top it off, it is apparent that the people who drive those cars and trucks do not care much about the life of their vehicles because they continue at normal speed over the bumps…which means the noise is even LOUDER. My living room window is only feet away from this…you get the picture.


Onto the next order of business, the landscaping company. As much as I can appreciate well-maintained flowers, bushes and grass, countless hours each week are spent on landscaping, RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW. When I say “right outside,” I mean someone could literally peer in and watch me write this blog at my kitchen table, cook my lunch or dinner, watch TV, read, practice yoga, or do any other activity. It’s like I’m being stalked by my landscapers twice a week without actually being stalked. It feels horribly invasive. Not to mention the noise of the weed whacking and mowing.


And it doesn’t end there. How about the fire alarm testing, the window washers, the home siding power washers, the dryer vent cleaners, the repaving of the roads (which, by the way, we weren’t allowed to park, drive or walk on for a week. In some areas there are no sidewalks in which case we were instructed to, and I quote, “walk through shrubbery” to get to our front door), the front and garage door painters, I could go on and on. And all this work has been done in a matter of less than a two-year span, all workers close enough to my living room windows to see exactly everything I do, and everything we own.


And the final frustration of living where we live? The parking. There is none. In fact, what is parking? I don’t even know the meaning of the word anymore. My husband and I are constantly on the phone, planning our day around parking spaces. Did you get a spot in the cove? By the mailboxes? Have you checked that spot that looks like a jail cell? What time will you be home so I know to look for a spot? Last night, my husband and I were both out until about 9pm, and when we got home I had to park my car outside the complex on the main road, pretty far down the street. Naturally, I did what any woman in the dark on the street would do, and waited like it was a bus stop for my husband to come pick me up and take me home.


Now, you might be reading this and thinking, Come on. First world problems. It’s true. I should definitely not be complaining, as I have a roof over my head, food on the table and a vehicle for which to find parking. For those things I am grateful beyond measure.


And, simultaneously, the disturbances we have been experiencing are beginning to become bothersome, and in that light we have decided we need to move on, plain and simple.


So here comes the point of this story (I promise, there is a point!).


Often times when something pops into our head randomly our first reaction is to say to ourselves, “Well gosh. Why didn’t I think of that before?” And then we move on with our day.


As I have slowly become more spiritually connected, however, I now have a different perspective on those “lightbulb” moments. Now, I feel deep down in my heart and soul that it is God speaking to me, giving me the answer to whatever it is I have been searching for.


And just the other day that lightbulb moment happened, and God told me exactly what I needed to do.


We had just returned home from looking at some other possibilities. We weren’t satisfied with any of them, mostly because the rent was too high or it was just an undesirable area to live. We were frustrated, and ready to give up. We looked around at our current home and thought, we’ve gotta get the *bleep* out of here!


And then it came to me. The lightbulb moment. The message from Spirit.


I realized that, up until now, we have been trying so hard to make our escape. The process has been so incredibly difficult. We have been bumping into walls the entire two months we have been searching. We have been so desperately looking for someplace quiet, that we haven’t realized what we have actually been doing.


With all the thinking about how LOUD it is here, with all our “trying to escape the madness,” with all the negative thinking about our current circumstance, we have been attracting more of that into our world.


So it’s no wonder we have been looking at places that are right on a main road, or ones that look almost identical to where we live now.


Like attracts like, and if we keep up with all this negative thinking, we are only attracting more of it into our world.


That day, God/Universe/Spirit said to me, Girl, before you find a new home you love, you’ve got to love the one you’re in. DING DING DING!!! I’ll take “Duh” for 500, Alex!


I then recalled that, in all the times of change in my life, the change came when I was not only perfectly satisfied, but also joyfully grateful for my current circumstances. When we are filled with gratitude, God brings us more to be grateful for. It’s literally a LAW in physics: Like attracts like.


So now we are making a deliberate effort to be in gratitude for everything. Loud garbage trucks? GRATITUDE for a clean environment and waste removal. Noisy cars and speed bumps? GRATITUDE for traffic enforcement in our neighborhood (or, at least the attempt at it!). Noisy invasive-seeming landscapers? GRATITUDE for a nice looking neighborhood which is well kept and extremely low maintenance on our part. Window cleaners? Power washers? Fire alarm testers? And all the other workers? GRATITUDE for a well-kept complex that looks nice and feels fresh, clean, and safe. Parking issues? GRATITUDE for always being able to find a place to park, and for a car to take me places.


Each day that I focus on being grateful for what I once thought was the most frustrating place to live, is a day that gets me closer to raising my vibration enough to attract a more positive living situation.


It’s not easy living this way, in gratitude all the time. Some may even think it’s unrealistic. It takes a concerted effort to do so.


So by no means am I saying you should ignore your true feelings. You should always validate your feelings, acknowledging their presence. What I am saying is, what if you shift your perspective, and can that shift bring more feelings of joy? And with more joy, more to be joyful about?


When we come from a space of gratitude and joy, people/things/circumstances can flow into our life with ease, rather than with a fight. So we wait patiently, and gratefully, for the next best thing in our life to come along. Is there something in your life you need to wait patiently and gratefully for?