Yes, it’s true that zombies are totally in right now. And with Halloween just around the corner, well, I’ve seen some pretty amazing zombie costumes! Plus I have to admit, I’m a complete Walking Dead fanatic.

But I think the real zombie apocalypse is happening right here, right now in our every-day world, not just in the movies.

With all this technological advancement, social media, electronics, cell phones, iPads, this gadget and that, our brain is continuously being stimulated, whether we like it or not.

In our fast paced and competitive society we are always trying so hard to get it all done. We have errands to run, kids to pick up, homework to do, jobs to show up at, money to make, places to go and people to see. It’s nonstop, and even when it doesn’t need to be, we feel like it does because we have been so entrained to believe this to be true.

When we are resting, we are thinking about what’s next on the to-do list. When we are taking a hot bath we are simultaneously feeling guilty and thinking about what we should be doing instead. We often feel we have to justify doing nice things for ourselves or enjoying life as it should be enjoyed.

When we schedule a massage, for instance, there has to be some sort of purpose. I could really use a massage, but my birthday is still a couple months away…

 And herein lies the true zombie apocalypse: The Burnout.

We go-go-go, and we go so hard without rest or self care that we eventually burn out. We feel terrible…tired, lethargic, weak, cloudy in the brain, sleep deprived, sometimes even crazy and living off high doses of caffeine and sugar.

Our eyes become bloodshot, and we wander around town with tunnel vision bouncing aimlessly from one place to another with nothing left but adrenaline and legs as heavy as bricks.

If that’s not the perfect description of a modern day zombie, then I don’t know what is!

Where along the way did we learn NOT to care for ourselves, that caring for ourselves was unimportant, trivial, selfish and not worth our time?

Contrary to popular belief, quite the opposite is true.

The more we give ourselves the rest and rejuvenation we need, the more we can actually accomplish in our daily lives.

Just for a minute, imagine how good you could feel during the day if you got enough sleep at night. Imagine knowing that you are worthy of sleep, that sleep is an important part of your health, and that the more sleep you get the better you will feel and the more the world will benefit.

Just for a minute, imagine how awesome you would feel if you scheduled yourself a massage this month, for no reason at all except that you deserve it and it’s time to treat yourself like you do. Imagine how amazing you would feel afterwards, how relaxed you would feel, and how everyone around you could reap the benefits by being in the presence of a calm, cool and collected individual.

Just for a minute, imagine yourself as a bright, energetic, healthy and rejuvenated being. Imagine how wonderful life would be, simply because you feel great.

That old zombie life of yours, that’s for the birds. If you’re tired, run down, lethargic, and feeling like a zombie, surrender. Just surrender and know that you are supported, loved and provided for by the Universe at all times.

You don’t have to constantly make life work. Life is constantly working for you. So let go. Allow. Enjoy. Have a cup of hot tea. Pamper yourself. Smell the roses. You will never get it all done anyway, so why not just flow with it and see what happens?

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