I was born in my head.

In other words, I’m a thinker. A hard core thinker.

I ponder everything. Before I make any decisions I need time to mull it over. I weigh pros and cons, I make lists, I do research, I worry, and I do this with pretty much everything. Even down to my meals: chicken or fish? I don’t know, let me think and I’ll get back to you.

I get headaches and jaw pain often. On occasion I have insomnia because my mind won’t stop running. When I hear a good song on the radio, I often replay it in my brain over and over again like a broken record, until somehow I forget about it and I’m on to the next thing. I have lived the majority of my life leading with my head. Sound familiar?

I could think of this as a flaw. I could. I could hate this about myself and wonder why the hell I’m like this. I could wish I were someone else. I could pray for a new personality. I could take Tylenol for the tension headaches to cover them up and call it a day.

But instead, I think of it as a gift.

It’s a gift because it is now my job and my purpose to teach myself how to stay out of my head and get grounded, so I can live from my heart.

It’s a gift because I get to teach others how to stay grounded, centered and live from their hearts too.

So, how exactly do we stay grounded and centered, so we can live life leading with our hearts?

Here are 5 methods I practice daily to keep me grounded and centered:

1)     Yoga- Practicing yoga regularly keeps us out of our heads, and in our bodies. In yoga, we lead with our hearts for almost every pose. We practice heart and shoulder opening poses, and all movement comes from our center. Yoga is one big metaphor for life: How can we stay centered, grounded and sturdy in the midst of challenges and discomfort? How can we be like the tree, securely grounded to Mother Earth even when the winds bring change?

2)      Meditation- Meditation creates quiet, serene space in our heads so that we can learn to just be. Practicing meditation for a minimum of 10 minutes a day can help clear our heads and open our hearts. The key to meditation is consistency, so if you do this regularly you will most definitely see results.

3)      Time with Nature- Taking just a few short minutes out of the day to connect with nature will help you stay grounded and rooted to the earth. Take a walk, breathe in the fresh air. Walking barefoot outdoors electromagnetically connects us to earth energy so this would be highly beneficial, especially for those who feel intensely out of balance.

4)      Focusing on feeling the support of the earth- When you are moving through your day, it is often beneficial to walk around barefoot, sit on the floor instead of the couch, touch the ground, dance, even lie flat on your back on the ground and feel the earth energy beneath you. Really focusing on the sensations we are feeling as our body touches the ground not only keeps us connected and heart-centered, it also helps us feel supported and protected (because we truly are :)).

5)      Epsom Salt Baths- Epsom salts are minerals of the earth. Water is an element. When we combine the two and take a nice warm bath, it brings sensation to our bodies, calms us, and assists us in becoming one with the earth.

Remember that grounding is an art. It takes time, sometimes even years of practice before we can feel totally grounded. I have been practicing grounding for six years now, and although it has been amazingly helpful, I am only just beginning to truly feel the benefits.

Never give up. Enjoy the journey. Life IS a journey, and it’s meant to be joyful and abundant. If you’ve been practicing for a while but not feeling it yet, you will! It just takes some consistency and dedication. Take life one day at a time. It’s all we can do :).

Questions on how to bring these practices into your life? Email me directly at: andrea@lloveraholistic.com