If someone would have told me years ago that I would one day be living near the ocean, climbing mountains on the weekends, doing yoga every day, helping others with their health for a living, making my own schedule, writing blogs, wild harvesting herbs and Instagramming pictures of my food, I would have asked them what they were smoking.


I never knew what it was I really wanted out of life back in my 20’s. All I knew was what I didn’t want. I kept going at the daily grind, wondering what else was out there for me. I found myself asking deep questions about life, exploring the possibilities in my own head, getting faint inklings that there had to be more.


I would look up at the stars and wonder what was out there. I would wonder why I was suffering so much inside, and if there was a way out of these miserable feelings of inner turmoil.


Although I didn’t know what was actually happening at the time, I have always been one to follow my instincts. When I felt drawn to something, I pursued it. Sometimes I didn’t know why, but what I did know was that if I didn’t pursue it, I would wonder about it later. I didn’t want to wonder.


Through all that life questioning, inner suffering and following my gut in certain circumstances that didn’t always make logical sense to others (or even to me), there was one thing that always remained constant: I always trusted my instincts.


August 2008: I was 27, had a great and stable job with benefits, had just gotten married, life was pretty consistent. On the outside that all looked great. But on the inside, I was instinctually itching for more. I wanted to explore. I wanted a different job. I wanted to break free and work for myself.


September 2008: I found a small salon to work at, where I could make my own hours, do my own marketing and build my own clientele. I didn’t have to work for someone else! I made the decision to leave my stable job, the job with benefits, the job that gave me security, clients and a perfectly fine place to build my business. I branched off, totally alone to start my own business and build it from scratch.


Just one day before this big job change I was about to make, I found out my parents were getting divorced after 29 years of marriage. My boss asked me if it was a good idea to leave my stable job at a time like this. She asked me why. It didn’t logically fit together, and I could see that. My parents were splitting up. It was a big change. Yet I still thought a new job was a good idea. All I could say was, “I don’t know if this will work out. But something is calling me to do this. If I don’t try, I will never know.”


And do you know what happened to me, all because I trusted my instincts and acted on them?


I met my best friend in the whole world at that new job. That new job led me to my next new job, which was the best job I had ever had. And that new job led me to tremendous growth in myself as well as my business. And that led me to studying Naturopathic Medicine. And that led me to believing in myself enough to finally know what I wanted out of life and to go for it. And that led me to where I am, and who I am, today.


I’m proud to say that because I did just ONE thing, because I trusted my own instincts, I am now a mountain climbing, herb harvesting, yoga practicing, health blogging, Instagramming and Facebooking, barefoot hippie-loving Holistic Life Coach living in the Pacific Northwest and I couldn’t be happier. I am more ME than I’ve ever been, and I am so grateful God gave me the gift of believing in myself.


Don’t ever question your instincts. Nine times out of ten, you’re right. If life is pulling you in a direction and it feels right for you, follow that feeling. That is God talking to you, sweet heart :) That’s your inner guidance system at work.


We come to this earth for a short time. The point of life is not “getting things done,” or chasing money, or suffering and sacrifice. The point of life is to live, to love, to have joy and abundance, to enjoy the company of friends and family, to eat good food and savor every bite, to live as if today was our last day on earth.


Is an opportunity being presented to you? Does it feel right, but perhaps not make perfect “sense” on the outside? Do you keep thinking about it, is it nagging and nagging at you? Don’t push it aside. At the very least, it’s worth investigating. Trust yourself. Your own innate wisdom is worth believing in <3


Much love today and always,


Andrea M.


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