The topic of skin care came to me the other day, and I truly felt this needed to be discussed.


It is an important topic that is often skipped over because it doesn’t involve digestion. But skin care is just as important as any other health topic, if not one of the most important.


Our skin is not only a protective barrier for our internal body, it is an organ of elimination. We sweat, we get boils, pimples, eczema and other skin “symptoms.” All of this is the skin detoxifying our insides. The body will release toxins using any means possible: the colon, lungs, sinuses, vagina, and last but certainly not least, the skin.


If toxins can escape the skin, this means the skin is permeable and toxins can also enter the bloodstream through the skin. Anything we put on our skin goes directly to the bloodstream and arrives to the organs of the body within seconds. This means extra burden on the liver and kidneys, just from applying what we think might be a simple body lotion.


Body lotions, makeup and other cosmetic products on the market today are loaded with poisonous substances that burden our organs and clog our pores each time we apply them.


Here are some key ingredients to avoid when shopping for any kind of skin care:


o   Parabens- Used as a preservative, these are often not labeled on products. Unless it specifically states “paraben free,” I recommend avoiding it. Parabens have been found in most breast cancer tumors. They contribute to endocrine imbalance in men and women, causing an increase in estrogen levels. Parabens are linked to early puberty in children and early menopause in women.

o   Phthalates- Phthalates are softeners in skin care and cosmetic products. These are also endocrine disruptors, mimicking the body’s hormones and have been shown to cause reproductive and neurological damage.

o   Petrolatum- These are mineral oils and paraffin. These clog pores by coating the skin. Basically “shutting down” the skin as an organ of elimination, they prevent the skin from naturally releasing toxins from the body. These can also disrupt endocrine (hormone) balance.

o   Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)- This is a substance found in foaming products such as toothpaste and shampoo. It was originally created as a pesticide and heavy duty chemical cleaner. The problem with SLS is that in its processing, it has been contaminated with dioxane which is a carcinogen.

o   Propylene Glycol- So, this is antifreeze, and linked to kidney and liver disease. That’s about all I need to say about that!

o   Formaldehyde- This chemical is found in way too many products if you ask me! Nail polish, body lotion, hair care, sunscreen, makeup and more. This is a known carcinogen and has found to be toxic to the immune system and respiratory system.

o   Heavy Metals- Metals like lead, aluminum, arsenic and mercury can be found in all kinds of products. The most common products for these are deodorant (aluminum) and makeup. Let’s note that lead is so toxic it is not allowed in paint, but it’s often found in lipstick! Arsenic and mercury can also be found in makeup items like eyeliner and mascara.


And these are just some of the toxic chemicals found in our skin care products. Just as I mentioned above, when we put these things on our skin, they are absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately.


In order to keep our internal organs (hence, our body) healthy, we must avoid these toxic ingredients as much as possible.


Q: So, if this is true, what can we use on our skin?


A: There are tons of products on the market today that are natural and herbal based and can be applied safely to the skin. My recommendations are below.


Safe Skin Care


A safe skin care line which I recommend (and use!) is called Acure. They have face wash, moisturizer, under eye cream, night cream and more. These products are Vegan, sulfate free, paraben free, petroleum free, phthalate free, silicone free, gluten free, synthetic fragrance free, 100% biodegradable and made with recyclable packaging. Many of the ingredients come from herbs, superfruits and vegetables.

Click here to learn more about Acure Organics.


Safe Makeup


BWC has created some amazing cosmetic products including skin care, hair care and makeup which are vegan, gluten free, paraben free and chemical free. They are made with natural ingredients such as herbs and essential oils. I am using the mascara and totally love it!

Click here to learn more about BWC products.


Shampoo & Conditioner


In addition to BWC from above, Loma is a professional hair care company that is paraben and gluten free, chemical free and created using essential oils and other organic ingredients. It’s what I use and it works really well. And not to worry, it is safe for colored hair too!

Click here to learn more about Loma hair products. 


Making Your Own


If you prefer, you can even make your own personal care products. From body moisturizer to deodorant to toothpaste, you can simplify your life and maximize your bank account by creating your own very simple and healthy skincare.


For body lotion, I particularly enjoy a mixture of coconut oil, cocoa butter and olive oil melted on the stove using the double boiler method. Simply add your own essential oils for fragrance (I personally like lavender and lemon the best), mix thoroughly and allow to cool. For a longer shelf life this can be stored in the refrigerator or other cool spot in your home.


Other ingredients that can be used for homemade body lotions:


o   Shea butter

o   Sweet almond oil

o   Sunflower oil

o   Grapeseed oil

o   Essential oils of your preference (avoid tea tree…this can overpower and must be used cautiously)

For more personal care recipes, click here.


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