What Makes You Tick?


When I drive, I like to really pump up the tunes and belt it out to my favorite jams. Two days ago I was doing just that, and I felt particularly elated.


It was a cold, gloomy and rainy day in Seattle and we were having some of the yuckiest weather I have seen this winter on that particular day. Regardless, I felt absolutely overwhelmed with joy.


As I sat there singing while driving, I couldn’t help but wonder, What makes today so great? Why am I feeling so awesome right now?


As some of you may or may not already know, I get what I call “the chills” quite a lot. This happens to me especially when I’m involved in something I love, something that really lights me up inside.


These “chills” are not from being too cold, or from seeing something creepy like a snake. These chills are a sign of God’s presence. (And in case you’re wondering, yes I do get chills when I’m cold.)


But there is a significant difference between the chills I get when I’m doing something I’m passionate about, something that totally lights me up, and the chills I get when I’m outside pumping gas in the middle of winter.


When I’m feeling extremely lit up, excited, joyful, passionate, inspired, etc. I can feel a wave of energy sweep over my entire body. It feels like I am receiving a quick burst of Reiki energy healing is the only way I can describe it.


To me, this is a sign God is there with me, as well as my angels and guides, telling me to do more of that. Whatever lights me up, whatever makes me tick, this is what life is supposed to feel like.


I get the chills when:


*I hear my favorite song

*I am in a crowd of people working toward a common cause

*I am around my family and friends

*My heart is touched by someone or something

*I give to others for no reason other than to give

*I have a positive impact on someone’s life

*I am around animals

*I am attending an inspiring event


And these are just examples, but I am sure there are lots more I could give.


That day when I was driving in the car, singing to my favorite song, I realized something. I realized that I need to do a whole helluva lot more singing to my favorite song. I know because I got the chills. I know because God told me.


What made that particular day so great, despite the gloomy, yucky weather, is the fact that I was in my bliss. I was doing something that makes me truly happy, and I didn’t need outside circumstances to dictate my emotional well being.


Life is about experiencing joy, fun, abundance, love and exploration. Life is not about suffering, or working ourselves to death, or telling ourselves it’s not ok to be having fun right now.


Truly living life is living in joy, and doing everything possible to feel joy as much as possible. Nothing is more important than your happiness. Nothing.


So my question for you is...


What makes you tick?


Is it a favorite hobby, a favorite food, family, friends, your children? Is it going to see live music? Is it dancing? Is it exercising or mountain climbing? Is it having a nice cozy dinner in with your sweetheart? Is it reading a good book?


I challenge you to make a list of all the things (and I mean ALL) that light you up. Keep this list someplace you can see it easily and look at it often to remind yourself of what your job truly is in this life: To be truly happy, to be in your bliss.


What can you do more of TODAY that will light you up (and maybe even give you “the chills”)?


I’d love to hear about it!


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