Have you ever wondered why when you feel cruddy things just keep getting worse? Or like when one thing sets you off in the morning the rest of your day seems to go into a downward spiral? This is the Law of Attraction at work. The worse you feel the worse you feel, and the opposite is also true. The better you feel, the better you feel.

Basically my entire life, from the time I was born to very recently, was spent in constant anxiety and worry mode. I’d wake up in the morning and that feeling of dread to face the day would come over me. I’d find myself feeling crappier as the day went on.

I wondered, “why me?” most of my days. When my circumstances were “good”, and things were going the way I wanted them to, I was happy. But I still wondered how long the happiness and favorable circumstance would actually last.

Often it was very temporary, and I spent most of my waking hours knowing my happiness was not permanent. My life was so up and down I couldn’t imagine it ever becoming stable, and I most definitely couldn’t imagine feeling good most of the time. In fact, I thought it was impossible.

To me, life was a series of either good luck or bad luck, and things happened at random just depending on if you were the lucky one or not.

In my adult years I finally started realizing that life doesn’t have to be so painful and unstable. I remember the first time I read the words, “you create your own reality.” I almost didn’t believe what I was reading.

One day, despite my stubborn beliefs about life, I started implementing the techniques I learned and my entire life began to change.

I found that the better I felt, the more good things naturally flowed to me. I found that being happy and joyful was a decision not a product of my circumstance. I began to realize that the more joyful I was, the more joy came to me with ease.

My physical world even began to respond differently. I started to get the close parking spots. I started to get more clients at work, and not only more clients, but more clients who were a perfect match for me: my ideal client. I started making more money. People and situations that were to my liking began flowing to me with ease, and I started to…(WOAH!) love my life!

Up until then I wondered why life had to be so hard and so shitty. I began believing in this law of attraction stuff, and before I knew it I had created the life of my dreams.

So you must be wondering, if you’ve never used the Law of Attraction to create your own reality, how do you begin?

The main key ingredient to using the Law of Attraction in creating your reality is to simply focus on feeling good. It’s that simple. This changes your energetic vibration in a way which attracts more good things to you naturally and easily.

Here are my three simple keys to get you started today:

  1. Set your tone for the day. Just after you wake up each morning, before you even realize you’re back in physical reality, set your intention for the day. For example, my intention is often: I intend to have an amazing day, or I intend to be joyful today. You can have one intention, or several. It is totally up to you, but whatever your intentions, be sure that they set a positive tone for the rest of your day. Remember, the better you feel, the better you feel. A positive tone will draw all kinds of positive aspects to you throughout your day effortlessly.

  2. Practice gratitude. Gratitude for what you are currently experiencing in life will undoubtedly bring you more to be grateful for. Whether it’s the cup of coffee you just had, the paycheck waiting for you at work, or even just the fact that you got out of bed this morning, practice being truly thankful for what you have. Practicing gratitude brings you to a place of joy and peace, a state where you can truly allow more good to flow to you.

  3. Expect the best. That’s right, expect good things and you will get good things! The Law of Attraction gives you more of what you’re energetically asking for. So, if you’re expecting unpleasant things to happen, Law of Attraction responds with more unpleasant things and circumstances. When you expect pleasant and wonderful things to happen, they must…it’s a Universal law.

For many of us, implementing these tools will take practice and some getting used to. It is not entirely common for people to live their lives in this way. To best use these techniques, it may take some lifestyle adjustments and training your brain to think in a new way. But I know from personal experience this can certainly be done. It may take some time, but be patient and consistent and you will see results. It’s the law!