Well, I’m baaaaack, and I have a whole new outlook on life to share with you!

As you may have noticed, it has been a few weeks since I wrote my last blog. It has been my full intention to write informative and valuable blogs weekly so that you all can gain useful information and tools to use in your own life.

My mission and purpose in life is helping others become the healthiest they can be, inside and out. Part of my duty as a leader in natural health is to lead by example, not just with my words.

I share new recipes, but ONLY after I have cooked them myself. I share tools, tips and tricks of the trade but ONLY after I have practiced them myself. I recommend certain foods, supplements and books but ONLY after I have personally used them. Everything I recommend to my clients and friends is a direct result of my own progress and experience, not just from a book.

As a Holistic Life Coach I help my clients achieve health through self-care, and an enormous part of self-care is understanding when we are pushing ourselves too hard and burning out.

I had a minute myself where I was pushing too hard and therefore burning out. I was exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated trying to keep up with everything. I was not even putting out valuable information anymore because I was stretching myself too thin, and I found myself powering through even though I felt run-down physically, mentally and emotionally.

Then it clicked for me…

How on God’s green earth could I teach my clients self-care if I was ignoring my own needs?

The answer is I couldn’t. I had to let something go for a hot minute until I could get my mind and body to a good place…a healthy place where I had more to give. So I released blogging for a little while, to make some time and space for rest, rejuvenation and self-care.

We absolutely cannot give to others fully if we do not give to ourselves. To deplete our body, mind and spirit of all energy to serve others just doesn’t make sense and is totally contraindicative of living a healthy life.

So I want to end this blog with two things…

I want to THANK YOU for hanging in there, and being patient and understanding as I took time away from blogging to re-coop.


I want you to ask yourself these questions…

How are you feeling in body, mind and spirit? Do you feel worn down, exhausted, frustrated? If so, is there something you can let go of for a little while to create more time and space for some self-nurture and care?

Remember, you are awesome and you need to start treating yourself like you are. I always say, treat yourself like your own best friend, and the rest will fall into place.