This week’s herb of the week is another fabulous adaptogen, Rhodiola.


I take this herb each day and I have personally found it has helped with my sleep quality. Here’s some info on this fabulous medicine of nature.


Botanical Name: Rhodiola rosea


Properties: Adaptogen (helps the body with stress), antidepressant, antioxidant, antiviral, supports nervous system, cardioprotective (protects heart), neuroprotective (protects brain)


I am a huge supporter of adaptogen herbs. Our society is overflowing with stress, we are constantly on the go and trying to accomplish tasks. It is nonstop, and I feel every human can benefit from adaptogens.


Traditionally, Rhodiola has been used for decades as medicine in Russia, Sweden, Norway, France and Germany.


Some adaptogens such as Asian Ginseng, for example, can cause overstimulation of the nervous system (nervousness, insomnia), but what I love about Rhodiola is that it does not overstimulate the nervous system but rather supports and strengthens it. Rhodiola has been known to reduce fatigue and improve memory and depression.


Rhodiola can also have positive effects on the immune system. It can help prevent immune depletion that can be a result of overwork, excessive physical training, and the like.


This amazing herb can also help balance blood sugar levels and supports male and female reproductive system function. For men, it can help with erectile dysfunction, and for women it can relieve PMS symptoms and help balance hormones.


In human studies, rhodiola has shown to have beneficial effects on the heart. It was able to prevent heart damage and strengthen the heart muscle.




2-4 capsules per day is recommended




Do not use Rhodiola in cases of bipolar disorder, manic or paranoid states. It should not be used in cases of insomnia.


There are no known herb/drug interactions for Rhodiola.


Rhodiola would be great for those suffering from anxiety, and who are under a lot of stress...especially long term stress from physical overexertion and energy depletion.


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