As a Traditional Naturopath I can’t ignore the importance of getting enough nutrition on a daily basis.


I recently read that almost every disease can be traced back to some sort of nutrient deficiency!


That being said, you can eat your veggies and take your vitamins and minerals but if you’re not absorbing them it doesn’t really matter how much you’re eating!


If you want to absorb your vitamins and minerals efficiently, you have got to restore the health of your digestive system by getting enough probiotics and avoiding foods which contribute to digestive dysfunction such as gluten, dairy, sugar and other inflammatory foods.


On that note, I have tried a lot of protein shakes on the market…and I mean a LOT. All of them were inflammatory in some way for me.


I’ve tried the latest and greatest whey protein, pea protein, all vegan rice and quinoa protein, vegan meal replacement shakes, and more.


None of them seemed to agree with me. I felt heavy and yucky after drinking them, and my digestion was always a little off.


When I found Shakeology I was honestly expecting the same type of thing to happen. But what I found was that I had more energy, my digestion didn’t change (in fact it improved) and I started to feel like I was getting the nutrition I needed in one serving a day.


When I began to read up more on this powerhouse of a meal replacement, I realized exactly why this was the case: It is LOADED with some of the most powerful superfoods on the planet. And not only that, it contains probiotics and enzymes to support digestion and a healthy gut.


One of the main superfoods in Shakeology, Camu Camu, is what I will be highlighting today!


Reading up about the benefits of this amazing little shrub I found out it has some major benefits.


Get this: Camu Camu contains more natural vitamin C than any other food on the entire planet! Yes, even more than oranges. It is 15% Vitamin C by weight, and provides 30-50 times more vitamin C than oranges.


In addition to vitamin C, this powerful herb contains an abundance of beneficial nutrition including beta carotene, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and protein. It has high antioxidant properties and is anti-inflammatory.


Camu Camu strengthens the immune system, supports the nervous system, and acts as a safe and effective anti-depressant. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation in the joints, and its anti-viral properties protect against many invaders. Camu Camu supports liver function and protects against liver disorders. It helps balance mood by supporting brain chemistry.


I think the greatest part about Camu Camu, as well as other herbs and superfoods is that there are no side effects. It can be safely consumed regularly and truly enhances health and well being without the worry of any issues as a result.


As a nation we are so lacking in nutrition. In fact, there is a saying that goes something like this: “We are a nation that is overfed and undernourished.”


I believe this to be painfully true.


If there’s ONE thing you can do for your health, to live a long, happy and healthy life, it’s supplement daily and make sure you’re getting enough probiotics. If nothing else at least you’re getting some nutrition.


You’ll live longer and happier, and the people around you will start to notice and want in on it too!


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