It has been a slow and steady progression of changing my diet over the years. Almost eight years ago when my health began to dramatically take a turn for the worse and traditional medical treatment wasn’t working, I turned to holistic healing.


At the time, my sugar and processed food intake was extremely high. I wasn’t eating nearly enough fresh fruits and veggies, and when I did consume them it was an apple here, a carrot there. I thought if I had my apple for the day I’d be healthy. (We've all been there.)


Once I slowly started to change my diet and eat more fruits and veggies, the “right” kinds of meat, eggs and dairy, and significantly reduce my processed food and sugar intake, I began to feel a lot better. My digestion improved, my anxiety became less intense, I gained energy and I watched little health issues that had been nagging me for a while start to disappear.


After 7 years of doing pretty much everything I mentioned above with a few “cheats” in between for parties and holidays, I hit a plateau.


I noticed that, no matter how healthy I was eating, I was stuck dealing with some of the same ongoing health issues. Although these issues had improved greatly over time, they never went away fully, and I felt like I was spinning in circles trying to find the answer.


My grilled chicken, salad and sweet potato dinner only got me so far and was not helping me heal anymore. I had to dig deeper.


Again I reached out to my mentor and holistic health practitioner, and asked her what else I could POSSIBLY do to heal from my suffering. In short, at the time I couldn’t get my digestion fully corrected, I was having extreme fatigue and anxiety, and a whole slew of other symptoms. (Click here to find out more about my most recent health crisis.)


I went to get full bloodwork done to find out I was low in a few essential vitamins and minerals. Upon discussing this with my mentor, a light bulb turned on and it was like I was suddenly awakened to a whole new world.


Although I was doing everything right in order to feel better, I wasn’t doing everything I could to allow my body to properly heal.


Traditionally, the way we do things in our society is this…supplement.


Low Vitamin D? Take a supplement. Low calcium? Take a supplement. Have constipation? Take a supplement. And on it goes.


These are all great things, and much better alternatives than drugs, but no matter how you cut it, this is still the traditional way of thinking that if we are missing a nutrient, we must make it better by ingesting more of it.


This sounds pretty logical actually, when you lay it out like that. However, we are still not addressing the problem when we supplement.


The question is not only what nutrients are we missing? The other half of the equation (which I was missing for so long) is why?


Granted, for some the why might be because they are not ingesting enough of that nutrient. But for someone who eats a healthful diet full of fresh fruits and veggies, there should be plenty of vitamins and minerals present in the food.


So why was I low on some vitamins and minerals? And why was I no longer healing?


My body wasn’t able to assimilate nutrients due to low adrenal and kidney function. That was the problem, bottom line. It wasn’t because I was missing this nutrient or that in my diet.


When we get to the heart of the matter, when we truly begin to heal body tissues and organs, they can function properly and as a result allow proper absorption and assimilation of all the wonderful nutrients coming into our bodies.


And true healing simply cannot occur when we maintain a diet of meat and veggies. We must dig much deeper than that.


We must detoxify with raw fruits, and support and rebuild body tissues with herbs and raw vegetables.


Our kidneys and adrenal glands simply cannot heal when they are overburdened. And guess what overburdens kidneys and adrenal glands? Meat, dairy, other animal products, processed foods, salts and oils.


When I found out this essential information, I made the decision to eat a vegan diet. If I was going to truly heal, I needed to get serious and “cut the crap” so to speak.


So it’s true…I couldn’t heal with traditional medical treatments, and still I could not heal with the traditional natural supplement methods. Because the body can’t heal deeply this way. It’s simply not possible. Supplements are great when they are truly needed. But more often than not we are over-supplementing and not addressing the actual cause of the problem in the first place.


I needed to make some pretty big changes to heal myself. I needed to start eating a vegan diet (mostly fruits, berries and melons, and raw veggies), and I needed to start adding some herbal therapies to my regimen.


I am still healing, still detoxifying, and each day, each week, each month gets a little better than the last. I feel more vibrant, more alive, and more at ease than ever in my life.


I am enjoying this process of true healing at the cellular level, and love helping and teaching others what I am learning.


Currently I am studying the detoxification principles of Dr. Robert Morse, ND, working my way toward detoxification certification. If it weren’t for this protocol, and for my mentor who introduced me to what true healing is all about, I would not be where I am today.


Do you have nagging health issues that you just can’t seem to solve? How long have you been suffering? Do you want to find a solution, the true cause of the problem, and take action?


Please reach out…you don’t have to do it alone!



Dr. Robert Morse, ND

Cynthia Pettman, Certified Detoxification Specialist