As some of you may know, I took a break from social media for seven days. I love y’all, but there are times where we just need to step away from the electronics, the outside world and everyone else’s business, and just be.


Those seven days away from Facebook made such an impact on me that it sparked some amazing ideas, gave me some much needed peace of mind, and really fed my soul.


When we take time away from all the distractions of life, we are able to turn inward and really give ourselves the love and care we need. Not only that, but sometimes we can get some major “epiphanies” (AKA: messages from the Universe), and get some questions answered that we have been asking for quite a while.


This is exactly what happened to me…just by taking some time away from all the chatter on social media.


I’m sure you might be asking yourself is, what did she do all that time? And the answer is simple. I focused on myself, on the things I love to do most. I filled my heart and soul with all the things that bring the most joy to my life.


A lot of my time was spent finishing up some studying on my detoxification course, and practicing my music for choir. I also did some reading (for pleasure!), practiced tons of yoga (sometimes even more than one class in a day), and of course saw clients and kept up with blogging. I did a ton of meditation and inner work, asking myself questions, listening for the answer and watching for signs from the Universe.


Little did I know that I was going to get an answer that totally threw me for a loop. About five months ago, I started looking for a part time job. I applied at plenty of places (about 15) I thought would be a good fit, but nothing has worked out thus far.


One evening during my break from social media, my husband and I were having a conversation over dinner about why on earth I can’t find a simple job at a book store or grocery store. My resume’ is updated and professional, I have plenty of experience in customer service and I am more than qualified for any job (if you ask me ;) ).


And then it clicked: It wasn’t meant to be. It simply wasn’t time for that and the Universe had been telling me that loud and clear…for months. I just wasn’t listening!


During this dinner conversation my sweet husband brought up a good point. Here’s a sneak peek of how our conversation went that evening:


Husband: Maybe the whole part time job thing just wasn’t meant to be right now. Maybe there’s something else.


Me: Yeah, like what?


Husband: Well…when did you say Yoga Teacher Training starts?


Me: January…why?


(Keep in mind that, up until this point I had convinced myself that teacher training was not in the cards this coming year. I made up my mind that I was going to focus all my time on seeing clients, my detoxification course and iridology. Yoga Training would come at the perfect time, and right now wasn’t it.)


Husband: Maybe that job isn’t coming your way because you should be focusing on yoga.


Me: But, wait…I already decided not this year. I’m focused on my course. And my clients and groups. And traveling…what about our vacation?!


Husband: So…?? We will work around your training. Why not now? Why don’t you use your spare time to focus on something you have a passion for?


Me: That’s a good question…


And so it is.


The forces of nature not only brought me to this beautiful place in the Pacific Northwest two short years ago, but they also brought me to yoga. For the past (almost) two years I have immersed myself in the practice. I have felt the true benefits of yoga, not just physically but in all realms: body, mind and spirit.


Yoga has helped me heal in countless ways. The intense anxiety I have experienced my entire life is slowly starting to melt away. I feel stronger in all aspects. My fear has subsided. I released so many painful emotions which I was holding onto so tightly for so long. I have found a community of like-minded individuals who hold similar values to me. I have felt the warmth and endless love from this community, and I consider them like family.


If there’s ever a day (and there are many) where I feel lost, lonely or afraid, one thing I can always count on is the practice of yoga and the community of love and support around me.


I want to help others feel the same way…to know that, no matter the weather, no matter what life’s struggles may bring, we can always turn to our mat. We can always take a few precious moments out of our day to honor our body, mind and spirit, and turn inward. It is here where all the answers lie. It is within our-SELF that we can find true peace…and we can find it on our mat.


I will officially begin this amazing journey of Yoga Teacher Training in January 2017. I look so forward to all the learning I’m about to do, and I can’t wait to touch the lives of many with yoga.


*Endless thanks to my teachers and mentors who have inspired me to take this leap*