I grew up in your average middle class family. Mom, Dad, Sister, two cats and a white picket fence.


Both my parents had good jobs, and were able to pay the bills. But I often remember them struggling to make ends meet at certain points throughout my childhood, just like any other middle class family.


When I first began working at age 16, I was a big time saver. Practically every dollar I made I saved. In fact, once I graduated from high school and went on to college, I had saved enough money to cover my living expenses all on my own.


I was not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but for a starving college student I felt pretty secure.


Over the past decade or so I have realized what an impact my upbringing has had on my beliefs around money. In the beginning of my career in my early twenties, I wasn’t making the money I wanted or was striving for, and I became discouraged, frustrated and eventually I even gave up hope for a short period of time.


I was on my own, and all the money I wanted to save was going toward my bills. I had become an official adult with a paycheck, my own health insurance, bills and living expenses, and I was shocked at how little money I had left over after all the bills were paid each month.


From that moment on I knew I wanted more. I knew more was possible. I knew I could make as much money as I wanted, I just didn’t have a clue how.


At the age of 27 I began reading entrepreneur books, books about money and investing, and I even began studying “The Secret” so I could learn and implement the Universal law of attraction to attain more money.


I read books like Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Now Discover Your Strengths, You Call the Shots, and The 360 Degree Leader.


I just thought they were interesting books, but little did I know at the time I was preparing myself for what was to come some seven years later.


Fast forward to just over one year ago in January 2015, my husband and I had just recently relocated from Detroit to Seattle, and I was determined to start my own business. But I knew I had to do something about my deep seated money beliefs.


Over the years I had learned that money is simply an exchange of energy, and that how I felt and what I believed about money would have a direct correlation to how much I was able to earn.


If I had a crappy outlook on money, based on the laws of physics I would also earn a crappy amount of money. If I thought money was dirty or the “root of all evil,” I would surely repel money naturally.


On the contrary, if I had a love for money, if I knew having money and being comfortable with managing it was one of the wondrous beauties of life, I would surely be able to welcome more of it into my world.


So when I wanted to start my business in January of 2015, I knew I had to get my money mindset straight, in order to set myself up for success.


It was then that I found and hired my money coach, Merideth Bisiker (her information will be provided at the end of this blog).


For four weeks, she took me through her core program and I was able to dig up some deep seated negative beliefs about money, and throw them out the window so I could make room for the income I was meant to earn.


I knew what we did together was very powerful, but what I didn’t know was how far I had truly come until literally, yesterday!


I am currently reading an amazing money book which I highly recommend to anyone struggling with their money mindset, and it’s called Money: A Love Story, by Kate Northrup.


Kate takes you through many exercises in the book, and one exercise in particular stuck out to me like a sore thumb.


This particular exercise instructs you to write how you feel about rich people.


This can be a trigger for many, and I wasn’t quite sure what was going to come out of me! But as I began writing my thoughts down on paper, it was very clear to me the path I am currently on in my money love story.


I’m going to just be out there with it and share with you exactly what I wrote:


When I think of rich people, I think of leaders, people who have worked very hard for what they have. I think of people who give to charity and provide jobs. I love rich people! I also think of them as people who would make great mentors, people with tons of wisdom about business and about the world, and who can help others accomplish their goals as well. I intend to be one of these people.


My answer on this exercise would have been much different years ago in my early twenties, with my previous limiting beliefs around money.


“I intend to be one of these people.”


Here’s what I mean by that…


I intend to be a leader, a person who works hard for what I have. I intend to give back by giving to charity, and helping others. I intend to help people earn a good income by providing jobs. I intend to be a mentor for others, and as I grow attain wisdom about business and about the world, which can then be shared and taught. I intend to help others accomplish their goals, and to live the life of their dreams.


When I joined Team Inspire as a Holistic Health Coach with Beachbody, I had no idea the impact it would have on me, let alone the impact I might have on the world as a result.


All these years of reading, wanting more and knowing I could attain it, and low and behold, I have finally found my golden ticket to get me where I desire to be.


Being a coach with Beachbody has given me the opportunity and tools I need to strive for more and reach my goal of impacting the world.


And how I now feel about money as a result of my study and personal development has a direct correlation to how I intend to impact the world.


You see it’s not about becoming rich, it’s about how many lives I can change.


As I mentioned above, I intend to be one of these people, means I intend to use my money and resources to not only create freedom for myself and my family, but to create the freedom to have a major impact on the world.


I feel so fortunate to be able to have this opportunity to create the life of my dreams doing what I love, as well as help others do the same.


THANK GOD I LOVE RICH PEOPLE. Because it’s helping me change the world!


Healing the world one day at a time <3



Merideth Bisiker, Certified Money Coach: coach@meridethbisiker.com


Questions? Contact me: andrea@lloveraholistic.com