I am a classic over-thinker.  If over-analyzing was my job, I’d be a millionaire.


And while that can be a great thing in some instances, it can also be detrimental.


I can over-think and worry myself into a frenzy. I’ve simply done it all my life, only to realize years later in my late 20’s that it just isn’t worth it.


No amount of over-thinking, worrying, and insane stories we tell ourselves is going to help us move forward in life….like, at all.


Growing up I never quite knew where I was ultimately headed in life.


I was smart, got straight A’s in school, was a hard worker and all that jazz.


But whenever I got the question, “What’s your favorite subject?” I didn’t know how to answer.


I knew I didn’t love math. I knew I didn’t love science. I knew I didn’t love history, or even gym class.


But I never really figured out what I truly loved.


What was my favorite subject? Who knows!


As an adult looking back on my childhood I suppose you could say I really enjoyed creating art, as well as writing (hence, my blog).


But a favorite? Not one.


So then comes the question just about every single one of us gets asked as a young adult: What do you want to be when you grow up?


Can’t even count how many times I was asked that question and to be honest, I never knew. In fact, I didn’t know until years later after I had already graduated from college with an art degree, after a nine year hair styling career and after almost seven years of personal holistic healing.


And if we are all being honest, do we really ever know what we want to be when we grow up?


See here’s the TRUTH: It’s ok to not know where you’re headed.


If there are days where you feel confused, frustrated, lost or all of the above, this is totally normal, and it’s totally valid.


Trying to answer the question of what we want to be when we grow up suggests permanence. It encourages digging deep within the brain to find an answer. It is that “push” so-to-speak, to over-think and over-analyze.


It can even encourage comparing ourselves to others.


Well she’s going to be a doctor.

He’s going to be an engineer.

She’s going to be a scientist.

My friend Suzie is going to school for nursing.


And the list goes on.


But what if you’re just one of those people who doesn’t know what you want to do? What do you do, and how to you cope with the feelings that come with the confusion?


The answer is simple: TRUST.


Move through your life, present in the moment. Imagine, dream, and walk with blind faith.


Yeah, you may never know what you want to do or be, but the truth is, your life will automatically unfold in the exact order and fashion that it was meant to for YOU. And you will become exactly who you were meant to be.


It might not be based on your favorite subject, or even your college major. But nonetheless, you are right where you were supposed to be, at this very moment and beyond.


There have been times in my life I made decisions that made no logical sense (like the time I quit my well-paying job with benefits to start my own biz from scratch). And I could’ve over-thought the crap out of those decisions, but thank goodness I didn’t.


Because it led me to exactly where I am now, exactly where I was supposed to end up.


God has plans. Allow. Trust. Walk with faith.


You don’t have to know what you want to be. Not logically anyway.


Your inner being knows. Your intuition will tell you. You will see signs and you will be compelled to follow them.


Go with it. Ride the wave of life, and no matter where you are, trust that the next best thing for you will be just exactly what you need, exactly where you were meant to be <3


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