If you are a giver, read on my friend.


I have been a giver all my life. Google the word “giver” and I’m almost sure my name will pop up.


Somewhere along the way I learned that being kind to myself and honoring my own needs was selfish.


I learned that as long as the people around me are happy, that’s what counts. I learned that if I fail to make others happy around me, no one will like or accept me.


I also learned that my opinions and my needs don’t matter.


I learned these crazy things from a combination of my upbringing, my elementary school years and society in general.


We all have these kinds of absurd ideas running through our subconscious.


These ideas don’t necessarily have to be those listed above, but I guarantee we’ve all got some sort of stale belief(s) that we are finally realizing in our adult years we no longer need or want.


As a result of these (false) beliefs, I have been a giver all my life.


Give give give, without any regard for my own opinions or needs.


I held all my true feelings inside for a very long time, and now as a thirty-something I’m finally starting to give to myself a little more.


Not only that, but I’m finally truly realizing the value in giving to myself.


Due to my recent healing crisis of adrenal fatigue, I am now focusing on giving to myself more than I ever have before.


I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to literally force myself to step away from my work, to take a much needed nap, to cut myself a little slack. (Hey, I’ve never done this before!)


But I’ll tell you what…It’s been a long time coming and boy does it feel damn good!


Now that I am taking a step back and looking inward, I’m realizing my true wants and needs in life.


I have given my time and energy away so long and hard all these years that I never even knew what I truly wanted in life. I didn’t know because I wasn’t paying attention to me.


It’s been just five days since I committed to 30 days of healing for myself, and SO MANY things are coming to light for me about what I want and need in my life.


I am discovering more of who I truly am, and gaining a stronger connection with spirit.


As I allow my body to heal, I am also allowing my spirit to heal.


And I don’t take this time for granted. I am so grateful I have the time and resources I need in order to take a step back and look deep inside at who I truly want to be, my purpose, the reason I came to this earth and how I would ultimately like to serve the world around me.


I don’t regret being a giver. In fact, I will most likely be a giver for the rest of my life. It’s my nature, it’s just who I am down to my core.


But from here forward I will have to make a conscious effort to create a balance between giving to others and giving to myself, so I can be the best me possible.


Again, I don’t regret being a giver. It has taught me so many lessons in life. The most important lesson being that the less I give to myself, the less I have available to give to others.


The more I honor myself, the more I can serve the world.


And serving the world, my friends, is my passion.


So as I lie back and take my daily naps, focus on my meditation, reading, blogging, yoga and furthering my studies in the natural health field, I am finding more of me to give to you.


For all you givers out there, I encourage you to make sure you are taking care of yourself. This will only help you show up in life as the best possible version of you.


It will help you connect with spirit, and when you are connected with your spirit you can do absolutely anything in life.


You will not only be bettering yourself, but you will be able to give to others in the most valuable way.