Growing up my mom was always allergic to ginger, so we never kept it in the house. I did not have the opportunity to really experience the flavor and medicinal benefits until just a few years ago when I started buying fresh organic ginger at the grocery store.


Ginger is another herb that is very versatile, and not just in the kitchen. Ginger can be used in other ways as well for medicinal purposes.  


Here are some of the amazing medicinal benefits of ginger:




*increases circulation

*relieves nausea

*helps fight the flu and common cold

*can help morning sickness in pregnant women (consult your doctor before consuming ginger if pregnant)

*can reduce muscle pain and soreness

*studies have shown it to reduce blood sugar

*can help indigestion and menstrual pain

*anti-bacterial properties

*can be categorized as a “superfood,” meaning it is powerfully nutrient dense


We use fresh ginger often in our home, and here are some of the ways we do:


1.     Add it to smoothies and fresh juices for a little “zing.” I usually only add 1 small “thumb” (about 1 inch) to my smoothies and juices. It has a very powerful flavor so that’s all you need.

2.     Make sauces and dressings with it. I have been using Fully Raw Kristina as a guide in the kitchen. Using ginger in sauces began with Kristina’s yummy fully raw Pad Thai dish. I absolutely love ginger in my homemade sauces now.

3.     Make a ginger, lemon and raw honey tea when I’m sick, to help speed up the healing process. With its antioxidants, antibacterial and circulation benefits, I find it really helps me heal a lot quicker.

4.     Make a poultice to nourish the adrenal glands and kidneys. Click this link to learn how to make a ginger poultice, and why it can be beneficial.


Ginger can be used for making desserts as well. Although I haven’t tried this myself yet, I have sure tasted some yummy raw as well as cooked desserts that have ginger in them.


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