This is me at a State Park in Utah, on our way from Detroit to Seattle.

This is me at a State Park in Utah, on our way from Detroit to Seattle.

I had such an expansive and inspiring yoga practice this morning. So inspiring, in fact, that I had a light bulb moment immediately following. As I was walking home I was inspired to write to you about some things you must know about this amazing Universe.


Yes, I am a health coach and my focus is nutrition. But what kind of coach would I be if I didn’t use my connection with spirit to guide me in helping others? It’s what our world is all about…connection, spreading the love and helping others. After all, we are all connected. ALL of us.


So, you might be wondering how I know these three “secrets” of the Universe. And the truth of the matter is,


a) They are not secrets, and

b) I’ve experienced them first hand.


My healing journey began 15 years ago as a freshman in college. Since then I have had numerous “healings,” realizations and wake-up calls, if you will.


Changes along the way have been somewhat subtle, but it is in looking back on the past 15 years that I can see how far I’ve come and how much I have to offer to the world.


Here are my top 3 things I think every human on the planet should know about our magical universe:


1)     Our struggles are our messages. They are our “wake-up calls” if you will. Through our struggles, trials and tribulations we are called by the Universe to discover a deeper part of ourselves, to get to know who we truly are at our core and to expand and discover our purpose here on the planet. In other words, what our mission is on earth, what unique gifts we bring and what we can offer to others.


7 years ago my parents got divorced after just shy of 30 years of marriage, and I struggled not only mentally and emotionally, but physically as well. I got very sick, and was on all kinds of prescription medications. I went to the doctor about every three weeks with some new ailment or symptom that was plaguing me.


I knew I didn’t want to feel this way. But what I didn’t know at the time was that all this struggling was not happening to me, but it was happening for me.


It was my wake-up call from Spirit, and actually helped me discover that my purpose here on earth is to help others heal naturally, to spread the good word about nutrition and to help encourage and inspire others.


It was through my mental, emotional and physical struggle that I was actually freed so I could spread my wings and fly.


When you are going through a rough time, can you look at it as an opportunity rather than bad luck? Can you see it as a sign, a message, rather than a plague?


We all have our struggles throughout our lives, but once we get through them we can look back and know that it was all for a reason.


Think back on a recent struggle you had. What lessons did you learn?


2)     What we focus our attention upon grows. Have you ever noticed that when you start your day off on a positive note, the rest of your day just flows? On the contrary, have you ever noticed when your day starts with a stubbed toe or spilling your morning oatmeal on the floor, the rest of your day doesn’t feel so good?

That’s because what we focus upon grows and expands. It’s like the momentum of a roller coaster. Once you start going down a hill, it just keeps going faster and faster unless something (an uphill) shows up to slow it down.

One of my first (extremely impactful) experiences with this Universal law was when my husband got his job offer in Seattle.

About four months prior to that I began my personal work of being the master creator of my own life. I started experimenting with manifestation, meaning making my dreams a reality by consciously focusing on my dreams.

Every day on the way to work, I would say my affirmations aloud in the car. I would write down positive aspects and things I was proud of myself for in my journal daily. I regularly visualized living on the west coast, sitting on the beach, feeling the breeze upon my skin, the sun shining on my face, and the happiness it would bring.

I did all these things daily and more. And even deeper than that, I just knew my dream would come true. I even knew when it would happen. I can’t tell you how I knew, I just felt it deep within my soul on a deeper level.

Then one day my husband got offered a job on the west coast, near the sandy beaches where I now sit, feeling the northwest breeze and sun on my skin almost every weekend.

This was not an accident or “good luck” folks. This was deliberate creation…focusing my attention on my dream. And it grew.

What are your dreams? (And they don’t have to be a move across the country!) Is it to have a house? A family? A new car? To be happy? To have a loving relationship with an amazing partner? To have a job that suits you best? Even just to find the perfect next book to read?

Try focusing on your dreams daily, even if it’s for just five minutes of deliberate and intentional focus. Keep going, and see what happens. Don’t give up. This is a Universal law of physics…and the laws of physics will respond. It’s the law!


3)     The Universe has better plans for us than we do. We like to think we have control over the outcomes in our lives, when in reality all we truly have control of is our own actions, responses, thoughts and emotions.


Sometimes we have plans and they just don’t work out, or they don’t go as we had hoped they would. But did you know that there’s a reason for that? There always is.


It’s because the Universe has something better in mind, something even more amazing than we can imagine.


I’ll use my move to Seattle as an example once again.


When my husband and I first discussed the possibility of moving to the west coast, we always had our eye on Portland, Oregon.


It was always “When we live in Portland one day,” Portland this, and Portland that. We even took a random trip out to Portland for a few days to visit some friends...and we loved it! 

But when the time came for us to move out west, Portland just wasn’t lining up. Either the jobs weren’t the right fit, or the pay wasn’t worth the move, or something always fell through.


But when my husband got the call from Seattle, it was almost too easy. Perfect job, perfect pay, and he was offered the job on the spot. But we weren’t looking at Seattle, we both said.


But it didn’t matter. Because the Universe had better plans for us than we did. Almost two years later and we can’t imagine having moved anywhere else. Straight up miracles have come into our lives here in Seattle. We have done some major healing, and met people we couldn’t imagine not having in our lives now.


So the Universe delivered, in the best way possible, our dream.


Sometimes we have a dream, and it doesn’t appear as we thought it would. But in the end it is always the best thing for us, because the Universe has better plans for us than we do.


Next time you have a plan and the outcome shows up differently than you imagined, remember that there’s always a reason.


When was the last time you had something show up differently in your life, but when you look back on it you realize it was actually a good thing?



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