I’m sure you know by now how much I love Mexican cuisine. Well today’s recipe is a little twist on one of our Mexican favorites, tacos!


Tacos don’t necessarily need to be your standard “taco.” In fact, I make mine kinda Mexican style, kinda not. And the reason I do this is plain and simple…I just want some variety in my life. Can you relate?!


I have already created the most fabulous raw taco salad, and technically I could just keep it simple and use that recipe to fill a taco shell.


But I wanted to get a little more creative in the kitchen, keep it mostly raw and vegan, AND still have yummy and heavenly flavors melting in my mouth.


You’ll need:


*Romaine lettuce leaves (or butter lettuce, or anything that will substitute as a raw “shell”)

*Hummus (any kind, preferably organic, oil and sugar free; I use Hope hummus, or make my own at home)

*Sprouted and cooked quinoa

*Cilantro, chopped

*Handful of chopped fresh basil leaves

*Fresh, ripe avocado, OR fresh homemade guacamole (click on episode 5, Holistic Health Recipes)

*1-2 small green zucchini, diced

*Red, green or white onion, finely chopped

*1 small cucumber, chopped

*1 red, orange or yellow bell pepper, diced (optional)

*Any other vegetable that tickles your fancy (for instance sometimes I use shredded carrots, purple cabbage, or broccoli “slaw”)

*1-2 fresh limes or lemons, halved (amount depends on your taste buds)

*Pink Himalayan sea salt

*Black pepper


How to:


*There is some prep involved if you decide to make your own hummus or guacamole, and also if you are sprouting your quinoa (which I highly recommend). Sprouting your quinoa will get rid of the phytic acid (an anti-nutrient), as well as make it highly digestible. Sprouting also allows for better nutrient absorption. I try to sprout my grains, nuts and seeds as much as possible before eating them. If you are absolutely short on time, simply rinsing and cooking your quinoa is fine too. However, I do recommend soaking it overnight and rinsing before cooking at the very least.


*Once your hummus, guacamole and quinoa are ready to go, your “tacos” are ready to be assembled! Simply lay out your lettuce taco “shells” and start loading them up.


*Here is how I like mine layered, starting from the bottom layer:


1.     Spread hummus onto the wrap

2.     Sprinkle on some quinoa

3.     Add a few chunks of avocado, or a couple dollops of guacamole if you’re using it

4.     Zucchini, onion, cucumber, bell pepper, and any other chopped veggies

5.     A sprinkle of cilantro and basil

6.     Drizzle with either lemon or lime juice

7.     Add Himalayan sea salt and pepper to taste


And there you have it!


The great thing about these tacos is that pretty much anything goes. Here I am mixing hummus with the flavors found in all kinds of Mexican dishes. And it is because of the hummus that almost any veggie can be used in this dish.


Sometimes I even like to add alfalfa sprouts to my tacos. This makes for some amazing flavor and texture, not to mention the live enzymes in the sprouts that help with digestion.


Making homemade raw tacos is probably one of the easiest recipes to create, since they literally have three easy steps:


1.     Chop veggies

2.     Assemble

3.     Dig in!


If I have my hummus, guacamole and quinoa prepped ahead of time, this literally takes me 15 minutes.


Don’t let your busy lifestyle fool you into thinking you don’t have time to make healthier choices. Just a few minutes for each meal is all you really need in order to get some great nutrition.


Stay tuned for my next blog, all about eating healthy in a hurry.


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