This is a BIG week for me, as I’m heading out early tomorrow morning for Nashville, TN for the annual Beachbody Summit Conference.


Aside from being an amazing experience and inspiration in my business, I am also excited to explore a new city, meet a ton of new people, and spend a few days with one of my closest friends <3 (I hear it’s pretty hot there too, and this Pacific Northwest gal is not used to the humidity so please send some cooling energy my way!)


Not only does traveling bring cool new adventures, it also poses the question, How do I eat healthy while traveling and not fall totally off the wagon?


I must say that over the years I have become somewhat of an “expert” traveler, in the realm of eating healthy food and staying on track. Lucky for me, if I eat foods I don’t normally eat, I can feel it pretty much immediately and it’s not a good feeling either. This automatically forces me to eat healthy food while I’m traveling, and I’ve figured out some tricks of the trade that I’d like to share with you today.


To start, I like to say it’s all about the prep, baby! The better you can prepare yourself for times when you get hungry or are in a bind, the better off you’ll be in the long run.


For all my trips, whether I travel by plane or by car, I pack as much healthy food as I can carry with me. For this particular trip I am flying across country, so I obviously cannot bring a cooler with me like I would if I were driving. Instead of a cooler, I have prepped by packing healthy travel friendly snacks that I can bring with me on the plane.


Tomorrow my lunch will consist of bananas, Lara bars, fresh apple slices and some raw almonds. It may not sound like a lot, but it can actually be quite filling and satisfying, especially compared to what they give you on planes nowadays. A tiny bag of chemical laden peanuts? A couple sugar filled crappy cookies? I say no thanks!


Another obstacle I have faced is not having any food with me and being stuck in a long layover. In this case, it totally depends on how hungry I am but I will often find a restaurant or bar and grab a salad (what restaurant doesn’t have a salad?). The other option is to hit up a Starbucks or some sort of shop where they have fresh fruit cups. Starbucks almost always has bananas, and if you’re really hungry they serve yummy oatmeal there. Just be cautious about the oatmeal if you are gluten intolerant or have an allergy.


The moral of this particular story is, there are always healthier alternatives. Skip the fast food and hit up a café or restaurant instead!


Now onto the next common question, What the heck do I do when I get to my destination? I completely understand this dilemma. Going back to the importance of being prepared, once you arrive you can prepare by hitting up a grocery store and stocking up your hotel fridge with some fresh and healthy snacks. If you are lucky and have a store with a salad bar near you, hit up the salad bar and stock up on lunches for a couple days. Or, grab some bread (I always recommend gluten free), mustard, and other sandwich fixins so you can make yourself a really healthy and yummy meal!


My go-to snacks for my hotel room include: fresh fruit, organic plain yogurt, nuts & seeds, nut thins (crackers), carrots and hummus and gluten free veggie wraps. I always buy bottled water as well so I can hydrate wherever I go.


On the topic of eating out (because it’s bound to happen when you travel), I usually go for a hearty salad, or a light fish and veggie dish. I’m careful to tell the servers I am gluten free and dairy free, and I always ask about heavy sauces and their ingredients. If it’s too heavy for me or sounds too sweet, I’ll politely ask if the chef can create some sort of lovely herb rub instead. Trust me, any good restaurant is used to these requests by now and would much rather have a happy customer than lose one. I can’t remember a single instance when I haven’t been kindly taken care of. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need and want at a restaurant…it’s their job to serve you!


These are my top tips for healthy eating while traveling. I will see you all upon my return from Nashville! (I might even bring home some cowboy boots ;) )


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