This is me and my friend Patricia, at a vegan restaurant in Nashville. Patricia started out as a client of mine, and as she began healing she also began to spread her message about health to others as well. 

This is me and my friend Patricia, at a vegan restaurant in Nashville. Patricia started out as a client of mine, and as she began healing she also began to spread her message about health to others as well. 

This past weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to attend Beachbody’s 2016 Annual Summit Conference in Nashville, TN. It came as no surprise to me that the event was tremendously motivating, inspirational and informative.


I got to spend the weekend with the company’s CEO Carl Daikeler, the creator of Shakeology Darin Olien, the top super trainers Chalene Johnson, Shaun T, Tony Horton, and Autumn Calabrese to name a few, the top coaches in the business, and life changers from around the world!


It was an absolutely amazing experience not just in regards to the business training, but also the love that was permeating throughout the entire city. Thousands of Team Beachbody coaches came together in one place to spread our message about health and wellness to the world, and to support one another in our mission.


This brings me to the point of why I do what I do.


I used to think I was invincible, that I could put whatever I wanted to in my body and I would be just fine. I am resilient, I thought. Thank goodness I got good genes.


I watched everyone around me struggling with health challenges which were scary and hard to comprehend at the time. I thought about how lucky I was not to have to go through these things.


I lived off coffee and Snickers bars. I took shots at the bar and loved those tropical sugary drinks you get on spring break in Cancun. Some of my faves were pina coladas and margaritas.


The tequila and sugar were flowing people, and I was totally immune…until I wasn’t anymore.


After spending the majority of my twenties drinking beer, bumming cigarettes at the bar (not joking) and eating pizza that I thought was healthy because it had green peppers on it, I began to pay for my less than desirable habits at the age of 27 and suddenly, I was one of them. One of those “unlucky” people who had weak genes and could not uphold my “lucky” resiliency anymore.


But the truth of the matter is, I wasn’t unlucky. I was just suffering the consequences of treating my body like crap. I wasn’t immune. No one is immune. Eventually all that liquor, sugar and fast food catches up with us, and we find ourselves so deep down in the rabbit hole we don’t even know where to begin to start feeling better.


Because I was so sick, and so sick and tired of being sick, I gradually changed my ways, one day at a time.


I reached out to a holistic practitioner, I began changing my eating habits, and I even added some organic healing herbs to the mix.


Each day was different, but little did I know that each day my body was changing, down to the cellular level and slowly I was creating a healthier human body. I was happy just knowing this, even if the change was gradual.


I got stronger, wiser and more energized each and every day and I attribute it all to nutrition. ALL of it.


What we put into our bodies can either create a healthier version of us, or it can tear us down.


The health community is spreading its wings WIDE on this planet at this very moment, and every moment as we move forward. It is up to US to vote with our dollar, to create healthier, organic and NON-GMO products in the grocery stores. It is up to US as a generation to spread health and wellness around this planet like it is our absolute MISSION and purpose.


It’s happening NOW, and that’s the reason I am so blessed to do what I do, to be a part of such a HUGE movement toward a healthier and more alive planet of beautiful beings.


When I was in Nashville, the message of Beachbody was delivered to me and received with an even greater understanding than I ever had before.


Beachbody’s mission is: Stronger Every Day. This doesn’t just mean physically, but encompasses ALL realms. With mutual love and support, we can make a difference as a community. We can get stronger every day, and help others get stronger every day in body, mind and spirit, simply by sharing health and wellness with the world.


I don’t represent Beachbody because I want to sell products. I represent Beachbody because I believe in their mission of helping others get stronger every day, and serving the world so we can create a healthier community of people. And I intend to help others get stronger every day, one by one by one.  


Here is an incredible motivational speech which I got to witness from Super Trainer Shaun T, who talks about knowing your truth, trusting yourself, and the importance of transparency. 


I challenge you today to take a look deep inside and ask yourself, Why Not Me? Do you look around at others and judge yourself based on them and their accomplishments or state of health? Do you doubt yourself because you don’t know where to begin? Get to know your truth. Trust yourself enough to believe in you, enough to be able to be transparent and let your unique light shine on the world. 


Everyone has to start somewhere. EVERYONE. Why can’t you do it too? What is preventing you from starting your brand new health journey TODAY?


It’s not about perfection, it’s about taking a look at where you are now, and what small steps you need to take in order to get to where you want to be. It takes patience, perseverance, and a little trust in yourself.


If I can do it, you can do it. Don’t doubt yourself and your abilities. You can change your life, and you can change others’ lives too in the process.


Why do I practice health and nutrition coaching? Because my mission and purpose on this planet is to change lives for the better, one day and one person at a time. My mission and purpose is to raise consciousness on the planet so we can create a healthier community and a healthier planet earth.


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