This blog was supposed to be a recipe (don’t worry, that recipe is still coming!), but I was inspired to write about something different today.


It’s no secret that when there’s a Full Moon, many of us can feel it. Whether we get a little more irritable, our pets act out, or all the “crazies” are out on the town, we can feel the presence of a Full Moon, whether we can see it or not.


But what about the New Moon cycle? In my personal experience, I can feel the New Moon more often than a Full Moon.


Just before and during a New Moon cycle, several strange things start to happen around me. My electronics and internet often go wonky, I get strange calls and emails from random people, my cat becomes agitated, and my anxiety goes up. These are the most common, although I’m sure there are more.


Today has been no exception. We are just two days from our next New Moon, and what do ya know, all of the above things have happened to me and it’s only noon!


Let me explain further.


We are all ONE. Not just here on earth, but with the entire Universe, we are one. As a planet of people, animals, creepy crawly things, plants, the sea, the sun, the moon and all the cosmos, we are one. When the moon moves through its natural cycles, this planet and all its creatures are affected. It’s just inevitable.


So the question is then, how can we flow through these moon cycles, as opposed to fighting them?


I used to get so angry when a full or new moon came around. To me it represented frustration, annoyance, and struggle. The only reason was that I didn’t truly understand the meaning of what life was trying to reveal to me so desperately.


When frustrations and struggles arise in our lives, the question really isn’t When will this all be over? But rather, What is life trying to teach me? What is the lesson here?


This morning, just as I was getting ready to leave for my yoga class, I opened up my email to check it for the day (mistake #1…never check your email first thing in the morning). Upon opening it, I noticed that I received not one, but two mysterious emails.


The first one was from good ole’ Facebook, informing me that someone had attempted to sign into my account from China (not too off base, as my current book of choice is The China Study). And the second email was from a website I hadn’t signed into in over two years, telling me they had auto-renewed some sort of subscription and had charged $50 to my credit card!


My first reaction was, of course, panic. Who has my credit card number? Who tried to hack my Facebook account? Am I safe? I don’t have time to deal with this today. Why did this have to happen? And on and on…and on…


I threw myself into a frenzy about it, my anxiety skyrocketed and I could feel my heart beating fast. I knew what I had to do, and first thing’s first…I had to go to yoga. I couldn’t deal with any of this with a sound mind, unless I grounded myself first. To fly off the handle wasn’t going to help anyone.


As I moved through my yoga practice, I slowly but surely calmed down, and by the end of class I was a whole new person. Now I could truly sit down and take a look at these two matters with a rational approach, rather than getting all bent out of shape about it.


At that point I realized, it wasn’t just about these two emails I received. Life was trying to teach me some sort of lesson, to make me realize something within myself.


Life will always come at us. There will always and forever be some inexplicable things happening around us. But how do we handle these times? Instead of driving ourselves crazy, can we stop and try to understand the lesson?


As I walked home from yoga, I asked myself the question, What is my lesson here? And there were a couple.


1)    Remain calm in the face of frustrating circumstances. The only person I am hurting by getting all bent out of shape, is myself. So let’s take a few breaths, remain calm and flow forward.

2)    We can’t control what happens around us, but we can control our attitude and how we respond. I have spent nearly my entire life trying to control everything around me. I would come up with all sorts of scenarios in my head that “could happen” in basically every circumstance, and plan ahead “just in case” with every single one. But regardless of my planning and Type A personality, life goes on. Things will happen we just cannot anticipate, and we must release control. Because in the end, we just don’t have it. To try and control life is like trying to save a sinking ship by pulling it out with one hand. The ship is going down, but will you go down with it? Or will you let it go?


The New Moon, for me personally, is a time of self-reflection. It is a time when we get to listen, to turn inward and ask ourselves the questions, What can I learn from this? What is the Universe trying to teach me?


Now, a question for you to answer…


When life tests you, what will you do? Will you hold on to the sinking ship? Or will you release, reflect, and listen for the answer?


Every frustration or struggle presents a valuable lesson in our life. How can we learn from these more often than fighting with them?




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