When I started my healing journey eight years ago, I had no idea the great impact it would have on me, nor did I fully understand the true meaning of health.


What I did know was that I was starting to feel better, and the whole idea of helping others with their health fascinated me.


I attended school for Traditional Naturopathic Medicine, and I began to heal on an even deeper level than ever before.


Gaining an understanding of how the human body works, how food can create a healthy environment or a toxic one, and the medicinal qualities of herbs helped me on my own path as well as my clients’ health journey.


During the past year and a half I began to have an array of health issues, despite my healthy eating habits and herbal regimen.


I had a very hard time understanding the meaning of it all, but with my knowledge of the human body, I knew there was a reason and root cause for it which I was determined to figure out. I began to do my own research and experimentation, and reached out to my mentor* and Holistic Health Practitioner for help.


It was then that I discovered what deep down I knew to be true all along.


After a life of pushing myself hard, always striving to be the best, always pushing myself to the limit, running on little sleep, and constant stress, my body was telling me loud and clear that it was time to take care of me. 30+ years of adrenaline pumping can only result in one thing: adrenal fatigue.


All of my symptoms were a result of my adrenals being taxed too hard all my life. Every. Single. One. Here are the signs I was experiencing:


*Rapid weight loss; unable to gain weight

*Difficulty eliminating waste

*Sluggish digestion

*Chronic stomach aches

*Diarrhea/constipation fluctuation

*Light headedness

*Ringing in the ears

*Heart pounding

*Unable to wake in the morning, even despite a good night’s sleep

*Hormonal imbalances/irregular periods

*Terrible PMS symptoms including cystic acne, extreme exhaustion, painful cramps, significant mood swings and more

*Mind racing and unable to slow it down

*Mild depression



And I’m sure I could list more.


When I spoke with my mentor, it was so validating to hear that I wasn’t going crazy, that what I thought was happening actually was, and that my diet was pretty on point despite these symptoms.


A lot of mental, emotional and spiritual shifts had to happen in order for me to begin the healing process. True health is not about just the physical…it’s the whole picture.


Since starting my healing protocol back in March of this year, I have found my path to true health, down to the cellular level.


For four whole months I have committed myself to the healing process, doing everything I need to do in order to heal my body, mind and spirit. My process will continue, as four months is certainly not enough time to truly heal malfunctioning adrenals that have been overworked for over three decades…


But I will never give up, and because of how good and vibrant I feel as a result of my work, I want to share that same gift with you all.



Starting this month, I will be focusing on obtaining my detoxification certification through Dr. Robert Morse, ND. Dr. Morse has helped heal thousands through cellular detoxification and regeneration, including me as I have followed his principles through my healing process. Dr. Morse is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist and Biochemist. He has been helping others heal for over forty years, and he now focuses on research, writing and educating.


Many of you have been seeing my posts on social media, in which I focus on providing healthy vegan and raw food recipes. This is because the heart of true healing, is detoxification. And at the heart of detoxification are fresh, raw and organic fruits and vegetables.


If any of you are struggling with some health issues you can’t seem to shake, please feel free to reach out to me here and I am happy to help you set up a session. Phone, Skype and in person sessions are available.


There is no need for you to struggle alone. As human beings, we need one another. Don’t let another day go by where you are confused and feeling miserable. It’s time to regain your health!


*Thank you to my mentor, Cynthia Pettman, for helping me truly heal and pay it forward to others. I certainly could not have done all this without you. I will be eternally grateful!