Before fruit and veggie diet

Before fruit and veggie diet

By now it’s no secret that I quickly and drastically lost weight during a time of major transition in my life. At the time I was eating all the fatty and high calorie foods you could ever imagine. Meat, yogurt and cheese were foods I categorized as healthy at the time, as long as they came from good sources.


Grass fed beef and lamb, organic pastured chicken, wild caught fish, organic full fat yogurt and grass fed cheese were some of my choices, to name a few.


Since I was a young girl, no matter how thin I was, my thighs always rubbed together as I walked…it was just natural for my body. I always had a little meat at the mid-section, and some flab on my upper arms. This was my body naturally, and although I am generally a small person, these were some characteristics that I would describe as “womanly,” and I really liked that about myself. I had some curves, and I wasn’t hatin’ it!


During my most recent health crisis, I began to notice a drastic drop in my weight. My thighs no longer rubbed together. My mid-section started to cave in, the extra “flab” on my arms was no longer there and my ribs and vertebrae were protruding from my body (quite obvious when I wore tight tank tops or a bikini). And the craziest part? I was eating like a horse.


I began adding even more of those high fat, high calorie foods so that I would gain my weight back. I made sure I ate enough calories throughout the day, and drank plenty of water. You may have even seen me eat a good old fashioned dessert now and then, just to pack on more pounds.


Now, some of you may be thinking, Gee, wish I had that problem! But I assure you, this was unhealthy weight loss at its best, and it really did not feel good. I had very low energy and vitality, I felt sluggish most of the time, my skin was breaking out terribly, my hormones were off balance, my digestion and elimination were awful and my stress was at an all-time high. Not cool.


After almost a year and a half of trying to mend myself, I realized I just couldn’t do it alone anymore, and I also realized that what I was doing was certainly not working. So I reached out to my mentor and Holistic Health Practitioner for help. The protocol? Eat 80% or more fresh, raw, and organic fruits and veggies.


I have been doing this consistently since March of this year, and the results have been nothing less than miraculous. My skin has cleared. My digestion is better than ever. My energy and vitality are back. My hormones have balanced out (also with the assistance of some amazing herbs), and strangely enough, my weight is also balancing out.


I never thought I’d be saying thank you for my arm flab, but here I am praising the arm flab gods! I definitely have more meat on me now, and most recently I have been noticing that my pants are starting to fit normally again. I’ll be totally honest, ALL of my pants (yup, even my stretchy leggings) were sagging in the bum…not anymore!


Now, how could this be? What a phenomenon, mostly fruits and veggies, pooping more often (yup, it’s getting real here), having more energy to exercise and therefore burn more calories, eating very low calorie foods (generally), and I’m starting to gain weight? What’s all this nonsense about?


True healing goes deeper than calories in, calories out. True healing at the cellular level (which is what I have been trying to accomplish) means creating an environment in the body where our internal organs can function properly again, where our endocrine system can create the right hormone balance, where our body/brain connection is in alignment. Ultimately, when it all comes together, we can end up at the right weight for OUR body.


When I began to truly detoxify and put an abundance of healing foods into my body, my adrenals started working properly again. My kidneys and liver were able to rest, rejuvenate and filter toxins efficiently. And most importantly, I was able to start absorbing the nutrients my body needed in order to be at a healthy weight.


Although my personal ideal weight is actually heavier than I have been this past year, others’ ideal weight might be much lighter than what they have been. It totally depends on the individual. Either way, detoxifying the body and allowing our organs and systems to work properly creates balance and harmony. Whether we are overweight or underweight, detoxification will allow us to be at our own ideal weight, if we stick to our healing protocol for long enough.


Although I’m not at exactly where I’d like to be yet, I sure am getting closer and that feels good. Healing doesn’t happen overnight or with a magic pill. True healing happens with time, consistency, dedication and patience. It’s a journey to be enjoyed and cherished to the fullest.


From my personal experience, as well as tons of reading, research, and the detoxification course I am taking now, I have concluded that achieving one’s ideal weight long term does not come from packing in the animal protein and dairy. I tried it for over a year, and truthfully it did nothing for me other than cause (too many) undesirable consequences.


I have had numerous people ask me if I am eating enough food. I have actually had people tell me I need to eat a burger (which, by the way, I was doing already!). I have had people express concern with me when I’ve told them I’m eating mostly vegan food. And here I am just months later telling you I feel like a million bucks and I’ve even gained a few pounds. Don’t worry guys, I’m fine J  


I can now truly feel what it means to heal, and I do not take this lightly. I am now hyper aware of how good I feel, and I plan to keep it that way.

After 5 months of fruit and veggie diet

After 5 months of fruit and veggie diet