Roasted butternut squash topped with cilantro...SUPERYUM!

Roasted butternut squash topped with cilantro...SUPERYUM!

I have been deepening my research on specific foods and their health benefits, and I have come across some seriously amazing things. Based on my own experience, I have been looking for foods specifically geared toward detoxing heavy metals from the tissues, especially the brain.


Toxic heavy metals can cause numerous side effects in the body, and we all have them in our body to some extent. We get them from exposure throughout our life, and most of the time we would have no clue we are being exposed.  


Some of the most common heavy metals found in our body are aluminum, mercury, copper, cadmium, nickel, and lead.


So the question now is, what do heavy metals do in the human body? The answer is, very damaging things to say the least! They poison the body, damaging the brain, liver, and central nervous system. Toxic heavy metals are poisonous and can damage the body’s cells. Not only that, but they are also food for viruses, bacteria, parasites and worms. They create immune system weakness making us susceptible to illness.


In our modern world, it is impossible to avoid heavy metals and other environmental toxins altogether. We are surrounded by them every day, in the air, on our food, in our backyards, medicine cabinets, pantries, in our water, and the list goes on.


But there are certainly ways we can protect ourselves from too much exposure, and also ways of detoxing out the heavy metals we have accumulated throughout our lives. (And yes, we can have these substances in our bodies dating all the way back to birth.)


Another important thing to mention is that heavy metals are just as they are described: heavy. Which means they are heavier than the liquids in our digestive system and therefore settle into our intestines, colon and other organs causing massive digestive issues.


Some symptoms of heavy metal toxicity can be: systemic inflammation, low immunity, depression, anxiety, confusion, lack of focus, mood swings, tingles and numbness, tics/twitches/spasms, hot flashes, heart palpitations, hair loss, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, and more.


Here is some important information on heavy metals we need to know about:


1.     Mercury has been in our bodies for hundreds of years. It was once ingested as a “remedy” given by doctors in the 1800’s, to “cure” illness. But instead it just made people sicker. Our ancestors ingested it, it hid in their tissues, and has been passed down from generation to generation. Now, we are the lucky ones who get to recognize it and detoxify it from our bodies!


And just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Mercury remains in our oceans, and we ingest it through seafood. It is in ALL fish, but more prominently so in larger oily fish such as tuna, swordfish and shark. Wild salmon and small fish like sardines are the safest bet when choosing fish, although should be eaten in moderation.


We also get mercury through old mercury fillings. Uncommon today, those of us who have gotten mercury fillings in the past have been or are continually being exposed. But be aware these fillings should only be removed one at a time, or if absolutely necessary. Removal of mercury fillings can even more greatly expose the body to the toxin, therefore putting the immune system under great stress.


2.     Heavy metal exposure is a usual thing in this modern world. Toxic metals are in our drinking water, our kitchen (think aluminum foil, aluminum cans, non-stick cookware, etc.) and more. The very best way to handle this is to avoid them as best we can, and to use foods to detoxify from them.


Here are five of the best foods for detoxifying heavy metals from the gut and brain:


·      Cilantro- travels to deep places in the body and extracts metals which have been buried for generations

·      Parsley- helps remove heavy metals from the intestinal tract

·      Garlic- helps remove heavy metals from the intestinal tract

·      Hawaiian Spirulina (yes, specifically from Hawaii!)- removes heavy metals from the brain, central nervous system, and liver

·      Atlantic Dulse- removes mercury, lead, aluminum, copper, cadmium, and nickel; extremely powerful mercury remover


A note to be aware of…


If you have never done any sort of detox regimen before, or are new to this concept altogether, it is recommended to consult with a qualified health care practitioner before doing so.


Detoxification the proper way, is the safest method. If you have questions about where you are on your journey, or if these foods are right for you, be sure to reach out to me. The most important thing is that you are on the right protocol for YOU!


I, myself, am currently embarking on this journey of detoxifying mercury and other metals from my body. I am looking forward to seeing what’s to come, as I have been experiencing anxiety, fatigue, and brain fog, basically for my entire life. I will be sure to report my results as they occur!

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