Real People, Real Results


"I've lost weight and have more energy."

I was two months into a health journey that mostly consisted of restricting calories and adding veggies and fiber to my diet when I began working with Andrea. She helped me make some changes in my diet, and after sticking with it for a while I had no more inflamed joints, my skin and hair are healthier looking, I’ve lost weight and have more energy, I get better sleep and have no more sleep apnea! I would definitely recommend working with Andrea.

-Cora D.

Everett, WA


"She is consistent and friendly, and answers any question you have."

Before I began working with Andrea I felt hopeless and heading in the wrong direction, in the worst way. I am approaching 50 and have no self-discipline with food or exercise.

I am so happy I joined Andrea’s sugar detox group on Facebook. I actually admitted I was a sugar addict. Since I joined I realized how even little things like ingredients in processed food are in my control.

 Sometimes I fall off, but now I am able to look at the whole picture. I have made a greater effort in looking more deeply at the food I am eating. I even hired a personal trainer and feel all that incentive came from the group and Andrea’s encouragement.

I absolutely love being in this group. It changed me, and it might have saved my life. I have medical issues that are pretty serious and eating the way I was, well…probably one of the worst things I could have been doing.

 What I love about the group most is Andrea. She is consistent and friendly, and answers any question you have. She also doesn't make you feel bad if you fall off. No matter what, you are welcomed. Thank you, Andrea!

-Karen S.

Burlington, ON

"She's like your personal cheerleader (in a very good way)."

I’m one of those people who has always been interested in taking steps toward healthier living. Working with Andrea allowed me to gain additional awareness regarding numerous facets of nutrition. Most impactful for me personally has been sugar. Our American food system is so corrupt it is difficult to get a clear picture of what is and isn’t good for our bodies. She is wonderfully supportive in helping you navigate, and gentle when reminding you there is a better choice to be made.   

Probably my favorite thing about Andrea is her positive attitude. She’s like your personal cheerleader (in a very good way). She makes you WANT to achieve your goals. She asks for accountability, but never makes it seem like work. I adore that there are some of us that have been in her groups for multiple months and it’s a team effort to keep moving forward. Andrea realizes that everyone is at a different point in their personal food journey. Her “progress, not perfection” motto says it all.

-Alicia L.

Everett, WA


"I love that she is about solving the problem and not masking it."

I've had a lot of health issues that seem to be a "mystery" to my regular physicians and nothing seems to help.

One situation in particular was just a couple weeks ago when I was experiencing really dry, cracking lips. This may seem "normal" to some people, especially in the colder months, but I knew something was wrong. I was drinking plenty of water and I was keeping them moisturized. Nothing helped and everyday it seemingly got worse, to the point where they hurt so bad I could barely eat or even talk. I asked the doctor what to do and he didn’t seem to have an answer.

So, I reached out to the only person I had confidence in that could help me get down to the root of this issue, ANDREA!

She asked me if there were any other symptoms or issues I was experiencing and at the time I couldn't really think of much other than occasional swelling, bloating, and some bladder retention issues. Mind you, I've had bladder problems for about 2 years. I have asked a few specialists and my primary doctor what could be wrong and NO ONE has had answers for me. So this is just something I've lived with thinking it's "normal", but really knowing that it's not. Keep in mind I get up between 3-5 times a night to use the restroom. It's AWFUL.

After talking through it, Andrea knew exactly what to do. She gave me several recommendations including dietary and herbs. I got the herbs right away and started the diet she suggested. I am not joking when I say that after 5 days of dealing with my dry and cracking lips that only got worse, within 2 days of following her instructions, it had completely gone away. Not only this but on the 4th day, I slept ALL NIGHT LONG without getting up ONE TIME to go to the bathroom. I WAS ASTONISHED.

I also felt zero bloating, zero swelling, and I could finally fully empty my bladder. On top of this, my skin cleared up and I felt so energized. I was amazed that such a shift in my diet could do this for my body in such a short period of time. I am forever grateful and I would highly suggest her to anyone in need of natural healing. I love that she is about solving the problem and not masking it.

I enjoy her wisdom and I will always come to her whenever I need support in my health. Thank you, Andrea!!

-Tara B.

Detroit, MI

"I have energy, am loving life and my skin looks better too!"

"I began my health journey by joining Andrea’s 7-Day Sugar Detox Challenge on March 14, 2016 and really haven’t looked back.  Now, 6 months later, I am 35 lbs lighter and sticking to a relatively sugarless, plant based (fruits/vegetables) lifestyle.

Prior to this change, my eating habits were poor.  A typical week would consists of bagels and cream cheese, pizza and beer, spaghetti and garlic bread, burgers and fries, mac-n-cheeze, chips, candy, ice cream, soft drinks, you name it, knowing all the while that I survived colon cancer in 1993 followed by breast cancer in 2006.  That lifestyle took its toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally.  My weight skyrocketed, my energy plummeted and my mood soured.  To sum it up, I was a “Hot Mess”.

Fast forward to today. I continue to live by the Sugar Detox rule.  My biggest take-away has been how to eliminate processed sugar in its entirety and enjoy natural sweetness.  Who knew that homemade banana almond ice cream was far superior to store bought?  I have energy, am loving life and my skin looks better too!  I would urge skeptics to take the challenge.

I will continue to follow Andrea’s Blog and Facebook posts.  She provides a plethora of insight, tips, recipes, support and encouragement and of course challenge groups!  I can’t wait to participate in the next one."

-Martha B.

Detroit, MI

"...She was so supportive and uplifting through the entire process."

"I started working with Andrea after being diagnosed with Dermatitis Herpetiformis, a skin manifestation of Celiac disease. I had already been gluten free for a few months but was still struggling with controlling skin outbreaks. I had previously been given strong doses of Prednisone, but after many treatments I was experiencing terrible side effects and only had temporary relief.

Immediately after hearing about my symptoms, Andrea knew right away what I should change in my diet. With Andrea's recommendations I started seeing results right away. Within a week, my skin had calmed down and I could see it start to heal. There was one moment in my healing process that I thought I was having another reaction, but Andrea assured me it was my body healing itself in the same way the disease started, moving down and out. And she was right! After only about a month, my skin was practically healed. I also felt physically better. It was the first time I was able to get control of my disease without the use of strong, dangerous medications.

Andrea was amazing to work with not only for her knowledge and thorough explanations of what my body was doing and how her recommendations would help, but also because she was so supportive and uplifting through the entire process. We spoke every Sunday, and sometimes kept in touch throughout the week, and after every conversation I was inspired to continue my healing journey and had confidence that what I was doing would work. I am so thankful to see results so quickly and have such an amazing coach to keep me going.

My goal now is to continue with the plans Andrea and I have discussed regarding my diet, and also additional plans of meditation and new vitamins to benefit other areas of my body. I am so happy to be able to work with Andrea and am inspired everyday by her very positive outlook on life. She is full of knowledge and continues to give me new ideas and approaches to handle my disease. The most beneficial part of working with Andrea was her consistent faith that I could heal my body from the inside out, and I am very happy I stuck to it!"

-Jane B.

Shelby Twp., MI

"After working with Andrea, I have a plan that is easy to follow and addresses my specific concerns..."

"I highly recommend anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle to work with Andrea! For the last few years, I've heard about and researched various diets and lifestyles in an attempt to feel healthy and happy. I tried many but none lasted...nothing seemed to fit perfectly with my health concerns and/or they were so restrictive that I gave up after only a few days or weeks. After working with Andrea, I have a plan that is easy to follow and also addresses my specific concerns so I find it extremely easy (and satisfying!) to follow. I don't just feel like someone groping aimlessly for benefits. I feel knowledgeable about what I'm doing to better my health and life because Andrea explained to me each detail about my plan and made it clear why I need to eat or not eat certain foods and supplements! After only a week, I feel extremely empowered and happy with my lifestyle change. I have already noticed a big change in the amount of energy I have during the day. Thank you so much Andrea! You are the best!"

-Jenny S.

Nashville, TN

"Her amazing and enthusiastic personality really helped me get clarity on what is causing my anxiety."

"It was such a great honor to spend a power hour with Andrea. Her amazing and enthusiastic personality really helped me get clarity on what is causing my anxiety. I really loved her suggestion about starting to be thankful and happy about the things around me whether at work or life in general. She helped me realize that by showing gratitude towards others can also bring joy and happiness from within yourself. Thank you Andrea for being such an inspiration! I feel so fortunate to be in your circle and I look forward to continue working with you."

-Kristene S.

Seattle, WA

"If she could change my life with just a few hours worth of phone conversations, well...that's pretty powerful!"

"Before we started our work together, I had no idea how to channel all of this anxious energy. I signed up for the program with Andrea because I was at a desperate moment in my life. Thanks to all of the education Andrea gave me in the past, I had already been able to bring my physical body to the standards I had set my goal to, and exercising just to get in shape and build my confidence. I knew that if Andrea could make that much of a difference in my daily physical habits, why not my daily mental habits?

I was extremely happy, and actually somewhat dumbfounded, at how well the program worked for me. Andrea asked me lots of questions about ME, that seemed specific to ME and MY situation - she really listened to what I was telling her - it wasn't like she was just reading down a list of questions off of a form. The time and energy that Andrea spent with me was extremely comforting and helpful, and I love that I feel I can tell her anything without ever feeling any sort of judgment. She is the type of person that after five minutes of talking to her, you realize you just told her things that only your best friend knows. The skills she taught me have really stuck with me, and within two weeks have already shown great improvement in how I feel and my ability to relax. 

Before signing up with Andrea, I was desperate to try anything to help me focus, learn about myself, and learn how to channel my anxiety in a healthy way.  This program transformed my health and well being physically and mentally. I feel that I am now capable of knowing when it is time to take a few minutes for myself, and I have the confidence to allow myself to do so.

Since I started working with Andrea, I honestly see my health and well-being in a new way; like a fresh start. I would most definitely recommend her to my friends. I felt very close to Andrea, and felt I could tell her anything and confide in her. She is such a positive and inspiring person, and I think she definitely has a gift to offer! If she could change my life with just a few hours worth of phone conversations, well...that's pretty powerful!"

-Paula M.

Lansing, MI

"I have and will continue to recommend Andrea to anyone needing to gain inner peace."

"Before working with Andrea, I was feeling a bit stressed mentally and emotionally.Having a family to take care of, a job and trying to get my business more established was making my head spin. I saw Andrea's post about coaching and I signed up for a session...I am so glad I did. It is nice to talk to someone with the knowledge and tools to help you get a grip and talk you off a ledge so to speak.  

After speaking with Andrea I gained more clarity and it gave me the tools I needed to feel better about myself. It also gave me the tools I need to make the progress I want to see in myself and in certain areas of my life.

Since my session with Andrea, I continue to make improvements in my life daily and feel great about my health and well being. I have and will continue to recommend Andrea to anyone needing to gain inner peace."

-Jackie B.

Novi, MI

"I would listen, learn and take notes from her any day of my life..."

"I participated in a 6 month group healing program with Andrea and had an amazing and eye-opening experience. She lead us through a detailed session each month on different subjects to better our lifestyles and reduce anxiety. She was such an inspiration to me and the other group members. So informative and intelligent in all of her teachings. She lead us through amazing and relaxing meditations. She's a natural. Andrea is born to do this and to lead others toward a better life of taking care of our bodies in the best way possible. I would listen, learn and take notes from her any day of my life. Thank you Andrea for everything."

Stacey K.

Livonia, MI

"She helped show me a side of me I did not know existed."

"I was fortunate to have the experience of taking part in a healing group led by Andrea.  The timing was great. I was pregnant, learning how to meditate and self heal. When the group began I was very stressed to surrender my career and to find care for my baby before returning to my job. As a result of the work I did with Andrea, I felt a sense of calm. This was unfamiliar to me and noticed by many friends and family.  All I can say is this six month journey started light and every month we added a new key ingredient to help us achieve self nurture and a great sense of self love and peace.  I would recommend this to anyone who is open to loving themselves and I recommend Andrea to lead you on your journey.  She is inspirational and kind and wonderful.  She helped show me a side of me I did not know existed."

-Kristie M.

Livonia, MI

"If you have ever hesitated to speak to someone about how to get your diet clean-DON'T! Andrea made it painless, informative, fun and realistic."

"Spent an amazing hour+ with Andrea. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with me! I went into our call feeling so overwhelmed and you were able to get me right on task. I'm so impressed with your ability to take my health issues and immediately see diet changes that would make me feel better. I feel like I have a clear vision of what to do and how to accomplish it. I can't tell you how excited I am to go grocery shopping next!

If you have ever hesitated to speak to someone about how to get your diet clean - DON'T!! Andrea made it painless, informative, fun and realistic. Ladies, you need this information! Thank you, Andrea!"

-Lisa S.

Atlanta, GA

"Andrea is so knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Her passion for helping people just shines!"

"Before I started my work with Andrea, I had low energy, felt tired and most days I was just going through the motions. I also felt very overwhelmed with the daily tasks involving my four children. I made the decision to sign up for her clean eating program because I was convinced that changing the way I ate would make me feel better and have more energy. I am extremely happy that I chose to do the program!!

I now have more energy (and the difference is night and day), less brain fog, and have gained tools to help with stress. I really can't believe how much better I feel in just four short weeks...I'm excited to continue making changes for the better! I feel like I've learned a ton since working with Andrea. And now that I'm feeling better I want to continue what I'm doing and learn even more, for myself and my family.

I would absolutely recommend her to my friends! Andrea is so knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Her passion for helping people just shines! I'd love to work with her again in the future!"

-Molly E.

Troy, MI

"Since working with Andrea I believe in a bright future...I believe in her knowledge to heal and teach."

"Before working with Andrea I felt lost. I didn’t know what else I could do for myself. Miserable and uncomfortable describe it at best. I felt completely foggy mentally, depressed, confused and not myself. I felt spiritually lost and I was searching for something more.

I participated in Andrea’s 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge on Facebook and once we were a few days into it I knew I had to speak with her. I had been wanting to find someone to talk to but didn’t know where to start. I was drawn to her because of her knowledge and because I hope to pursue the same career. I am more than happy I did. I feel blessed to have met her.

These days I am following the program Andrea recommended and I am definitely feeling the changes in my body. 90% of the time I am feeling like a different person physically. My digestive system is incredible, I am sleeping much better, and my inflammation has gone down like crazy. Mentally I am feeling clear headed. I have faith and trust in this process. Emotionally I am feeling more like myself. On days where I feel fatigue I know this is my body detoxing and that leads me to being very optimistic about this process. Every day that goes by I feel stronger.

Since working with Andrea I believe in a bright future. I believe I am learning things about my body that will benefit me and others too. I believe in her and what she does, and I believe in her knowledge to heal and teach. There needs to be more Andrea’s in the world to help save lives!"

-Patricia O. 

Detroit, MI

"I saw results almost instantly."

"Since my session with Andrea I am feeling SO GOOD!!! It was a rough first week, but I got over the hump and now that I'm more aware of what I should/shouldn't eat it's gotten so much easier. 

Who knew almond milk and chia seeds with coconut oil?! Yum! I feel like I'm discovering a whole new world.

I have my moments.... But I saw results almost instantly.

Thank you Andrea!"

-Tracy P.

Riverview, MI

"Your guidance and enthusiasm is contagious."

"Andrea, I want to thank you for creating this group challenge. I have really learned a lot and have enjoyed reading your comments to each of us in the group.

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about my ability to stick with it, but I am so glad that I did! In fact, I do plan to continue. Proof of fact, I am visiting my mom in Florida and have not touched, and am not really very interested, in the candy bowl sitting on her coffee table.

Your guidance and enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you again for opening my eyes before I open my mouth."

-Sandra L.

Detroit, MI 

"My skin feels healthier and looks younger, I have more energy, my joints don't hurt anymore..."

"A very sweet friend introduced me to Andrea's 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge a few months ago...and I am so glad I decided to do it! 

My skin feels healthier and looks younger, I have more energy, my joints don't hurt anymore...Bottom line, I feel healthier and happier without refined sugar...which is in everything...EVERYTHING. Herbal tea? The fruit is "candied." Condiments like salad dressing or mustard or ketchup? Unless you are super careful, they all have sugar!

I have done this challenge three times now, and it's actually really fun! There's a daily prompt, support, and a ton of information about what names refined sugar goes by, as well as ways you can get a sweet fix without any sugar (I made brownies with absolutely zero refined sugar. None.) And it's a nice way to really focus on yourself...for once! 

Plus, when cutting sugar out of your diet, you tend to not eat very processed foods and practice more healthful cooking and eating-bonus!"

-Cheryl D.

Seattle, WA